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Fellow Island Chasers,

Important information for our Canadian Island Chasers.

Please note if you are working a new island and it's not  showing on the site yet this most likely means that I haven't received the information on the New activation.   Please note I do check my email regularly and try to get the information on-line as quickly  as possible.   This doesn't always happen due to factors beyond my control .

IF I plan to be away for a couple of days I will put a notice on the system for everyone to know and I will update the site with the proper information when I  get back.

If you see a problem or error or  would like  something added or changed, feel free to  email me  ve3tpz AT yahoo.com

Please note any new items or changes will be added only after VE3XN, and I  have had a chance to discuss them.

Thanks for your continued co-operation and support.  Have fun working the Canadian Islands 

Jan 28 2012

Greetings to CISA islands hunters Happy New Year to all

First up VA3QV Bob Sharp is planning a Dxpedition into one the Islands around Ottawa Ontario called Pig Island this is a new one for the island hunters tentative plans are Feb 25 or March 3 2012 this is wx permtting.

There are a number of updates that are taking place on the site today.

Also I'm undergoing some changes in my life down here which right now have to take priority of my Amateur Radio and other stuff that must be dealt with first.  I will update the site as time permits.  

Garry Hammond is aware of the situation at hand also and is backing me up the statement as TIME PERMITS

James Davidson VE3TPZ/VA3WR

July 17, 2011

I recieved word from Len Morgan that he has to move up this Little Bell Island NF-009 trip to the week of july 25, 2011
more details to follow.

James    VE3TPZ/VA3WR

July 12 2011

Len Morgan VE9MY and  Linda VE9GLF and   Everitt VO1DK

are heading for Little Bell Island Newfoundland NF009 for you Cisa Island Hunters on Aug 2 - 3 2011 Weather Permitting

qsl via operator Home call via bureau, direct or email request.

submitted from Len Morgan VE9MY

June 15, 2011

Watch out for XK1T starting  tomorrow John VE8EV and Patrick (Gerry as he known as from friends) will attempt
to active Tent Island  in the Yukon this is NA-193 for you Iota hunters and this will be a new Canadian Island number for
the Yukon Province for the Canadian Islands Awards Program.

The Plan is start operating on June 16 to June 19 primarily on SSB will be switch to CW later on during the course of the
DXpedtion  Primary band will be 20 mtrs with some operating on 30mtrs, 17mtrs and 15mtrs is likely.

At the time of this update they are packing up and getting ready to head out on the  boat wednesday morning .

More information can be obtained from John VE8EV's Blog at http://ve8ev.blogspot.com/


Please note that I'm currently working differents shifts and I will update as time permits.

James Davidson VE3TPZ/VA3WR

DEC 5 2010

Just in from Garry Hammond the Program Adminstratior for CISA & MLA Awards

Dear fellow radio amateurs,
Unfortunately, effective immediately, as of December 4, 2010 please do not apply for any plaques, shields, scrolls or trophies for the Maple Leaf Award and/or the Canadian Islands Award program.
There are a few problems that have brought this change about:
01. Canadian postal rates are very, very expensive.
02. Canadian registration is very, very expensive.
03. The exchange rate of the US dollar is almost at par with Canadian dollars.
04. The cost of the engraving and artwork has been going up over the last decade.
The combination of all these factors is making the awards very expensive to prepare and to send.
We take their preparation, packaging, and mailing seriously....More than 500 plaques, shields, trophies, and scrolls have been sent to deserving amateurs and SWLs in the past 3 decades.
Please QRX until we can solve the problem.
All paper awards are still available at the reasonable cost of $5.00 US or 5 Euros.
Thank you for your patience and understanding if you are affected by this policy change.
73 and good luck in working new prefixes or islands of Canada.
Garry V. Hammond, VE3XN
Maple Leaf Radio Society

October 12,2010

Greetings Everyone.

Warren VE3FYN   was out on the weekend to Bigsby Island and was earned ON287 under the Cisa Rules.  Congrats to Warren
from all of at the CISA group.

October 9, 2010
Greetings Everyone it's been a rather busy month at my home due to work and other family problems. We have received your emails and we are addressing them as required.

Mike va6fun/p  was out a few weeks ago and has earned AB-045 for his Crane Island activation on Sept 25, 2010.

Now we open up the mailbag first up Rob Smith VE7RSV/P will be out for the W/VE island Contest coming up Oct 23,-24 from  Broughton Island BC which is BC-026.

ALSO Warren Paulson is planning on Activating a new Island TODAY OCT9-10, 2010  

I've received some email regard some problems with certain pages and will be attempting to correct these also.


September 3, 2010

We received an email from Mike VA6FUN he plans to activate Farming Island AB041 Farming Island on September 4, 2010 aroudn 1700UTC

James ve3tpz

Please be aware as a result of  Personal situation I haven't been able to get on to update the site. Please be aware that I will try and get here and update as time permits.

September 1 2010

Len VE9MY/VO1 and Linda VE9GLF/VO1 have activated Inner Island on the morning off Tuesday September 1 and were given NF076 for that activation.

Later in the day they activated Antes Island which was given NF077

James VE3TPZ

August 30  
Len VE9MY/VO1 and Linda VE9GLF/VO1 running portable on Cottel Island NA-198 iota and has been given NF075 for this activitation

Len reports they should be back out on Tuesday with one or two more islands.


August 29

Greeting Everyone we have some late news that I couldn't get on the site till today due to personal reasons.

First off Len & Linda VE9MY/VO1 and VE9GLF/VO1 were out on Kelly's Island NF008 for Cisa unfortnately Prop conditions didn't
give the rest of Canada a chance this time around they were out with VO1DK and other more details on that when Len is back.

Also received Email from Len last nite he heading out Monday for Cottel Island which will be a new one for Cisa.

They are planning on a couple more this week maybe in Tuesday.

Please note all of the trips above are wx permitting if transportation is available

More details will be forthcoming.

Also Garry ve3xn has issued BC178 FOR Dunira Island operators are VE7DP and VE7KDU they will be signing VE7DP/7 and VE7KDU/7
I worked this gentlemen at 0222utc ON 30MTRS on Friday morning.


James ve3tpz/va3wr website manager

August 14

Greetings once again everyone.  Garry VE3XN has given the the ok to for me to given the NT027 for Cezar VE3LYC's trip to the Pelly Islands Iota group using the callsign VY0X.  Garry had a brief chat with Cezar this afternoon and I happen to get him at the same time for another new one for me also.

Congrats to Cezar

James VE3TPZ.

Also Watch for VE9MY AND VE9GLF signing /VO1 in the next few weeks.


August 12

Correction for the High Island that Mike VA6FUN put on recently should have read AB044  High Island

Dana VE1VOX and crew using VB1H put on Harris Island and have been active have been given NS133 Harris Island.


August 10

VY0X Cezar should be starting his journey on the Pelly Island Group in Nunavut sometime today. Let's hope for good conditions and safe trip.

Also recieved and  email from Dana VE1VOX
they planned on being active from Harris Island using VB1H this is a  new cisa Island.  Dana also reports that VE1AOE has dropped out due to unforeseen problems he was there primary cw op.  Therefore the trip will be on SSB only now

They plan to be active from 20:00utc august 11 to 1300 August 15. qsl via ve3exy

August 7, 2010

It's been a busy couple weeks, we've given AB044 to VA6FUN/P activation of High Island out in  Elk Lake National Park.

Also watch for VE3GCP will be activiting Trowbridge Island near Thunder Bay Ontario in the next few weeks.

Also Cezar VE3LYC is heading up the Nunavut IOTA NA-208 to activate a new Island up there  his callsign will be VY0X he's leaving August 10 watch for him within a couple days of his departure.

also watch for     VB1H harris Island with Dana VE1VOX and crew qsl via ve3exy


July 26, 2010

Greetings everyone it's been a bit since I could get in here to update the site

NB-041 is Barnes Island put on by Len VE9MY and XYL Linda    VE9GLF who managed 400 + qsos on Saturday July 24,2010.

Upcoming CISA trip Watch for Fred VE3GCP  will be putting on trowbridge Island and lighthouse in Mid August.

Also watch for Cezar VE3LYC he's heading back to the Great North again more detials on that shortly.

James VA3WR

July 12, 2010 

Greetings everyone hope you all survived the ARRL FD and Canada Day Contests.

First off Thanks to VA6FUN/4 for giving doing a trip to Manitoba givings MB-001 Hecla Island.

Mike also reports that he's been in contact with Richard VA7MJR who will be doing Lighthouse Maintenance on Trial Island BC-104 on July 13 and July 14, 2010 Qsl via operator Instructions this is Submitted from Mike VA6FUN.

Also during the Canada Day contest VE2DX was on from Ile Jesus QC-014  note your website manager finally got this one after chasing this one for 7 years.

July 24  Len VE9MY & Linda VE9GLF our New Brunswick Husband and Wife team are heading out to Barnes Island NEW CISA for the New Brunswick Group for the IOTA Contest this is NA-014 for  IOTA They will be on the air from 1500UTC to sunset from this island on 20mtrs and possibilty 40mtrs also. Qsl via Operator Instructions.  This was submitted by Len VE9MY.

With the IOTA Contest just around the Corner there will be a more Canadian IOTA's with CISA Numbers on the Air.

VE3ZZ/VY2 Greg is heading out to PEI for the IOTA Contest PE001 for CISA from July 21-26 on PEI Lighthouse in the region he will  operate VY2X for the contest on july 24 Qsl via Operator instructions.

VA2SG will be active on on NA-128 and QC-008 ILE aux Coudres for the IOTA contest qsl via operator instructions

VO2/KI4IW  and VO2/W3HQ will be active from Battle Island NF-049 and IOTA NA-044 they will be active from a lighthouse during the visit after the contest.
qsl via w3hq

VE7RSV wil be active from  NA-036 Vancouver Island during the IOTA Contest.

VE3FRG Frontenac Ares Group is planning two excursions this summer first one is July 25   going to Simcoe Island ON-022 they will be operating 14.250, 7.290, 3815. They also plan to go to Amherst Island ON-029 on Sunday August 29, 2010 using the same frequencies.  PLEASE NOTE VE3FRG TRIPS ARE NOT IOTA. Qsl via operator instructions.

Fred VE3GCP is planning on doing Trowbridge Island new ON CISA August 14 he just finishing the intial planning Stages and is prepping the equipment.  The website Manager had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Fred about this upcoming DX-trip this trip is also doing the Lighthouse on Trowbridge Island ARLHS CAN -

Due to amount of information in this update I will be filling more details tomorrow

PLEASE BE ADVISED WEBSITE MANAGER is working differents shifts over the next few months updates will take place as time permits.

73 de James VE3TPZ/VA3WR

Received an email from Mike VA6FUN he hopes in be at the Selkirk Lighthouse in Manitoba on Monday Afternoon and later in the week on Hecla Island MB-001 for CISA Program.  Good luck Mike.

Your Website manager will be away from late June 25 - JULY 3.
I will try and update the site as time and interent availability permit.
I WILL BE ON FROM Bayfield during Arrl Field-day will be a operating as and A or B or E classification as 1 or 2 station depending on the availability of operators we will be using the VA3WR CALLSIGN give a call if you hear us.

The Last update for the CISA site this will be Thursday June 24 in the evening.  We have no stable internet connection at the summer field-day site.

June 19
Yes it's time for another update.

Mike VA6FUN just sent a email out to a few of us he's heading out early Sunday Morning for Manitoba he's will be on HECLA Island MB-001 for Cisa late in the week.

Mike is planning on some Manitoba Lighthouses and doing the HECLA Island so watch for him he's most likely going to be on SSB and PSK31 using Qrp power. I will check on this and report later today.

Also in the Mail bag was a note from Martin VA3SIE and members group from the Ottawa Valley Qrp Group will be on Bates Island in the Ottawa River ON-283 for Field-day.

June 16

Greetings everyone it's been a some what busy than normal month for me at work.

Let's get to the important stuff.

Coming up in the  next few weeks Mike VA6FUN will activate Hecita Island in Manitoba starting late next week. qsl via operator instructions.

Also VE7RSV/P will be on Broughton Island in BC. This is BC-026 for cisa and IOTA NA-091 FOR IOTA .  Qsl via operator instructions on qrz.

Harris Island Activation will take place in Aug 11-15 using VB1H operators VE1VOX, Dana, VE1MPM  Paul and VE1AOE Don  there should be 2 stations on the air CW and SSB.  qsl via VE3EXY



May 22

I will be away for part of the weekend. If you have updates please send them to [email protected]  I will check my email when time permits.  Please be aware site updates will not happen until I can get full internet access.



May 17
VE3IAC/2 has started his operation from IOTA NA-128 also known as Ile Verte QC-015 for CISA he is expected to be there until may 21. Qsl via operator instructions

May 28-31 VE1FO/9  a group of Halifax Radio Club operators are going to active NB-001 Campobello Island they plan on operating on 80,40,30,20 and 15 ssb and cw.

Qsl via bureau  or direct

If you  plan direct use the following address
attention Howard Dickson VE1DHD,"
Halifax Amateur Radio Club, P.O.
Box 663, Halifax NS B3J 3T3, Canada

May 7- 2010

LATE NEWS that John  VE8EV is on Banks Islands at Sach Harbour doing some work he will be active on  20mtrs 14040 and 14260 as time permits from May 6 - May 10 2010  Banks island is NW-007 FOR CISA.  Qsl via ve8ev.

Also there will be a change to one Northwest Territory Island as a result of the 1999 change to Nunavut watch for the details later this weekend as I have time to the necessary changes.

Also Please note.  The site will be running on AUTOPILOT FOR THE NEXT fews as I working most weekends and updates will be very quick as time permits.  If you notice and error or need to put something up on here for Island activation or stuff please let me know earlier in the week as the weekends approach my work load increases dramatically.

James va3wr/ve3tpz

April 30, 2010

Richard VA7MJR has informed us he will be on Trial Island BC BC-104 doing Lighthouse Maintenace from May 6-24.  He will active on all HF Except 160 during the time period he plans to be active depending on his work detail schedule while out there.  Qsl via Operator Instructions.

James ve3tpz/va3wr
April 27, 2010

Greetings from VE3 LAND once again. CK8G  dxpedition has been qrt for a few days, John  VE8EV has returned home after a successful trip. Sounds like over 5000 qso's and made a lot of operators happy.

I wrote about  post about upcoming Dxpedition to NA-128 in a earlier posting we have now have found the information.

CALLSIGN XL2I  which is the Callsign that NA-128 Contest group will use for the Isle-aux-Coudres which is QC-009 for CISA they will operate July 23- July 28 and will participate in the RSGB IOTA contest during there stay they will be activate on all major modes (cw,ssb,rtty, psk31 and others) on 6m-80mtrs they will keep on station on cw / ssb during the IOTA contest.


James ve3tpz

April 19, 2010

Well the wx conditions up here in Ve3 land this past weekend weren't the greatest
up here.

Team VE3ZF was active from Twilight Island ON-018 during the Ontario Qso Party
sound like there was some good activity up there. I managed to get a cw and voice
contact with them from Perth County.

Also CK8G  is still going strong on Greens Island NW-048 in the Northwest Terriorities.  Haven't heard when he plans to Qrt yet but I would think in the next 12hrs or on April 20.

I will have details coming up shortly on a dxpedition to NA-128 in Quebec watch the site for more details.

James va3wr/ve3tpz

April 15,2010

Congratulations to VE8EV using Callsign CK8G from Greens Island Northwest Territories he active to April 20 according to his website.  Greens Island is NW048
for CISA.


April 10, 2010

Igor VE3ZF and a group of Amateurs will be on from Twilight Island CISA ON-018 for the Ontario Qso Party , During april 17-18. The team is comprised of Igor ve3zf, Val VE3VO, Max VE3CCN, Evgeny VA3ATT.

Also Watch for CK8G from Greens  Island from the NorthWest Terrorites (cisa new) Qsl via VE8EV DIRECT
John ve8ev operating schedule at this time is  0000-0400UTC Asia
                                                                                  0400-0700UTC Europe
                                                                                  1400-1700UTC Europe
                                                                                  1800-2300UTC North America

April 4, 2010

Greetings Everyone hope everyone has had a good easter weekend, Wx Conditions in VE3 land have great other Late Saturday when things are a little windy.

NT026 has been given out for Cezar VE3LYC  operation of VY0V on East Pen Island, Everyone has been keep eyes and ears on that operation after things tooks a dramatic turn due to wx and other problems. Cezar will have more to say on that in the future.

Congrats from everyone involved with the CISA and from everyone who worked you Cezar.


April 2 2010

As you noticed it's been  quite sometime since we had a update here. Due to work schedule updates are few and far between. I'm also working on a new layout for the website so that the Maple Leaf Awards Program and CISA are all in the same area for easier updates.

Cezar VE3LYC has been active on East Pen Island  in Nunavut using VY0V we hope to be give out a new Island Number for this one shortly.  Cezar's trip has been cut short and it appears a Search and Rescue Mission has been sent out to retrieve him off the island.

Watch for  John VE8EV during the period of April 15-20 from Greens Island in NWT using special Callsign CK8G  honouring the 75th anniversary of the Catholic Church in Paulatuk.

Also he reports to be getting ready for a IOTA Activation during the IOTA Contest from Victoria Island NW-012 AND NT-011.  Were currently awaiting on some clarification on this upcoming activation.

Gordon WB9EEE is planning a trip to Eagle Island in Lake of the Woods July 19-25 2010 more details  to follow.

Mike VA6FUN is planning on activation on Hecla Island in Manitoba in late June around June 25-26 area he also planning some other more details to follow.

FEB 1 2010
 Watch for John KL7JR using special callsign for Olympics     XK1RST in the Yukon near Destruction Bay also there is a possiblity he will make another attempt at 
Jacquot Island again during the time period of  Feb 11-14 2010.


We wish John all the luck.

December 11, 2009
Watch for KL7JR  on the 18-19-20 of december for the Rac winter contest he will try and activate  Jacquot Island again.

James ve3tpz

September 15, 2009

We have received word from Jerry N1QLL that he will be on Deer  Island New Brunswick on October 17 and 18 2009 camping and participating in the W/VE Islands contest that weekend. Deer Island is NB005 uinder the CISA program. Jerry is will be operating as n1qll/ve1

Qsl via operator Instructions.

James VE3TPZ/VA3WR website co-ordinator


Please be advise effective September 6  all requests for Islands activation numbers will need to go Garry Hammond VE3XN in order to get a Island Activation Number.  If you do forward a request to me I will forward to Garry as he is in charge of the program.

JAMES VE3TPZ looks after getting the information on-line in a orderly matter as time permits on his schedule.

If you are wondering why I VE3TPZ will no longer  be giving out Islands Numbers this is a result of a few hunters and activaters questioning the calling in of logs and hunters requesting numbers for Islands of which we have no request from the original activators.

I currently dealing with other personal things and don't need the the additional headaches involved.

PLEASE NOTE  I"ve been assisting Garry Hammond with this site for nearly 7 years as a volunteer, island hunter and activator.

You know who you are.


September 6, 2009

Congratulations to Cezar VE3LYC operating as VY0O on activating Gilmour Island in the Ottawa Islands group for IOTA NA-230 a number will be forthcoming in the near future from Garry Hammond VE3XN.

Also Mike VA6FUN/P was out again to Horse Island in Alberta but came up short again thanks for trying Mike.


September 3, 2009

Congratulations to Bob Crawford     VE1REC     who activated Quinte Island in Ontario down near belleville on the bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario he gets ON286 For the Canadian ISland Awards Program

August 30, 2009

Thanks to VE1AAO for updating me on the Ingonish Island Co-ordinates for VA1ZZ activation on NS-132.  Bill VE1AAO will be doing some
work out there and will be on occassionally keep your ears tuned to the radio.


August 29, 2009 

Greetings everyone vacation is over again and back to work again. Been busy working on projects around the house and working
some contests at the same time.

Congrats to VA1ZZ  who was able to activate Ingonish  Island  NS132 during this trip to Canada on August 20, 2009. Dwayne reports that
VE1AAO  is also on the island assisting the new owner on projects so watch for Billy also.

Also we are waiting for VE1REC to return to NS and send his log to us for his Trip to Ile Quinte here in Ontario. Unfortunately Bob was on 20mtrs during the trip which makes it nearly impossible for us to hear him or visa versa once we get his log there should be a new Ontario Island number there.

Watch for Cesar in the next week or so as he prepares to head to Ottawa Islands in Nunavut this will be a new one for everyone  VY0O should be the callsign details further down the page.

VE3FRG should be active on Sunday August 30 the Frontenanc Ares Group plans to active Howe Island details on this with there Wolfe Island trip

Keep a watch out for Juergen DL7Rv who will be active again as VO2/NF6J from Battle Island NF049 (CISA) NA-044(IOTA)
from Sept 4-11.  Look for him on 30,20,15 mtrs cw only. QSL via DL7RV direct or Bureau.

AUGUST 12, 2009

Congrats to  the group out on Welsh Island off the Coast of Nova Scotia the have earned NS131 for trip good luck to Dana and crew

I worked the guys out there at 2115UTC August 12, 2009 on 14252 split up 5.  They are on 10125 cw at 2147UTC August 12 no luck yet.


August 11, 2009

this is a remote update from Southgate Michigan

Cezar VE3LYC has rescheduled his trip till august 31-sept 3 qsl route will be announced shortly.

Dana VE1VOX has sent an email to me this morning and all is going well and they excpect to be on Welsh Island in the next day or so.

Due to a death of a relative I will be out of town starting later tuesday evening until thursday. I will update the site when I return

James Davidson VE3TPZ/VA3WR CISA Website Co-ordinator

August 10, 2009

First things ion the list is that I'm currently on vacation so updates this week will be sporatic at best.

Mike K9AJ AND KD6WW were issued NT-024 for there activation of  Thomson Island
congratulations on another sucessful activation in Nunavut.

Mike Tate VA6FUN/P was out to Horse Island on Sunday unfortunately he on made 9 contacts so he will be heading back out again in the near future to try again to make the requirements for the CISA Activation for a new Island.

Upcoming trips DANA VE1VOX reports everything is going as planned for the Welsh Island trip coming later this week with one minor set-back that one operator has taken some medical problems and has to drop out.  The callsign will be VC1W .

Neil VE3SST will be heading back up to ON284 Salisbury island FROM August 15-august 21 good luck Neil and thanks for yiour assistance over the past few years with the CISA Site.

A group of  radio operators from the Kingston Ontario and surrounding areas made trip to Wolfe Island and activated it made only nine contacts from the reports but still had fun the report propagation was poor.

They Planned another trip to Howe Island which is listed futher down on the page.

It's getting pretty hot and humid here here in Ontario so I off to do some other jobs will be back later today for futher updates.

James VE3TPZ

 July 22, 2009

Greetings Everyone I've been rather busy of late at work so the updates have been sitting here for a bit.

First off   Lowell Sweet VY2OX has activated Governor Island in PEI and has been award PEI-015 for his efforts.

Next up  Dana VE1VOX , Donald VE1AOE, and Murray VE1MPM are planning to activate Welsh Island in August 12-16
this trip is WX dependent and may move up or down a week and there may be others joining them on the trip TBA.

callsign will be VC1W (new Cisa also IOTA NA-154

Qsl manager is Nenad VE3EXY

Also   Cezar VE3LYC IS heading up to Nunavut again using VY0O  as they callsign this time around he plans to activate Ottawa Island
this time around (new cisa) heading up July 25 to August 10.   Cezars plans to be on the air for 3 days if he gets on the Island.

This island is 14hours from Shore by large boat.  Weather Conditions, Sea Conditions, and the Presence of Large Bears could abort this attempt.  Best of Luck to Cezar.  



July 6

KL7JR reports he made about 22 contacts from here attempt to activate Janquot Island in the Yukon.

Also John noticed a few typo's which are being corrected.

A note from the Frontenac County Ares Group will be activating two islands in the near future.

July 19 they are planning on activate ON-009 Wolfe Island in Lake Ontario a few minutes from Kingston Ontario

August 30  they are planning to activate ON-023 Howe Island in Lake Ontario

They will be operating using the callsign VE3FRG


July 4

Greeting Everyone Been a busy week here with email. Not much to report just a bunch of corrections that need to be fixed up here.

On the email from KL7JR reports in that they had extremely poor conditions in the Yukon using   VY1RST on the new island they were trying to activate.  John says they will try again at a later date.

June 22

Greetings Cisa Island Hunters.

Garry and I pleased to announce that VA6FUN Mike Tate was out onm the weekend and made the requirements for his Dog Island Activation there for Dog Island has been give CISA Island # AB042 for VA6FUN/P.

Congrats Mike

look for some pics in the next few weeks on here from VA6FUN trips to Farming and Dog island.  Thses will not be on-line to till  second week on july.

Also    VE3/W9DLN is up by Mckay Island Lighthouse we are pretty certain that this is
ON101 for CISA known as Mc Kay Island watch the site for more Information on this


VY1RST  Janquot Island IN yukon NEW ACTIVATION

Upcoming CIsa Activations during the IOTA Contest IN JULY

W8ND, N8CHS and K8MCN will team up as W8ND/VE1 on Big Tancook Island,
NA-081, July 23-26.  Their activity from Nova Scotia will be in the
IOTA contest.  QSL via K8MCN direct or bureau.  this is CISA NS-012

VC8B Canada NA-129 VE8EV  cisa NW007
VY2Z Canada NA-029 VE3ZZ CISA PE-001

James VA3WR


We received two emails overnite.

VA6FUN/P is still heading for Lesser Slave Lake to activate Dog Island which will be a new activation for the Alberta Group of CISA.

Mike should be on around 1700UTC -2000UTC  this trip is wx permitting he says if the wind comes the trip is OFF.

Also watch for W9DLN/VE3  Dan is mobiling up near tip of Lake Huron and Lake Superior planning on being on St. Joesph's Island ON004 to activate several Lighthouses and possibility some over islands in VE3 land while up there.

Happy Father's day to everyone

Reminder to everyone I will be on vaction at the end of the end please get your plans in so that I can get the system update for Friday before heading out for the week WATCH FOR VA3WR IN FIELD-DAY and Canada Days Contests.

June 19

We received email from Jim Reiser AD1C he  noticed a typo on the site for a island this site and it's been corrected.

Thanks Jim

James VE3TPZ

June 16, 2009

trips out to Farming Island out on Lac Ste. Anne

Just in from Mike va6fun/p he's is planning on heading out to Dog island in Lesser Slave Lake in Alberta on Sunday  June 21 starting around 17900 UTC for a cuople hours Psk31- and SSB  check the usual Psk31 freqs and iota dnd lightnhouse freq for mike also check 14315 if bands are busy.  Mike will email on Saturday with more ifnromation this trip is wx permitting.


June 15, 2009

Bob VE1REC was out roaming about on Grand Manans Islands in New Brunswick  NA-014 IOTA also Known as NB-003 for the Cisa program
sound like Bob and Xyl Elizabeth had some reasonable conditions for the trip there and back. Unfortunately I only worked VE1REC/VE9  once on the trip due to antenna work that was taking place here at the house and getting stuff ready for the Arrl field-day at  last weekend in June.

Also recieved a email from Mike VA6FUN he was out at Farming Island and I just waiting on Garry to check the log out and his decision on the Number.

MIke also reports he planning on heading out to Dog Island this weekend I will check the rest of the email for more details on this upcoming trip as I running out of time before I head for work.

Please note the website Manager will be on vacation from June 29- July 3 2009. Please get your information in to me before june 25 so that I can get it on-line before field-day and vacation and Rac-Canada Day Contest.  WATCH FOR US ON FIELD-DAY USING VA3WR CALLSIGN.


June 10, 2009

The  Mike and Bruce Show are heading out again  K9AJ/VY0 AND KD6WW/VY0 and From July 31- August 3, 2009 will be active from Thomas Island  which is located off the Rankin Inlet, Nunavut on the Western Portion of Hudson Bay Qsl via Home calls this appears to be a new Cisa, operation. I will confirm this with Garry VE3XN.


June 9, 2009

Just in from the Email Mike Tate VA6FUN/P will be heading back out to Farming Island on Saturday June 13, 2009 from 1700 to 2100UTC doing some psk31 and ssb check out 14070 for psk31 and watch the usual lighthouse and iota frequencies for voice contacts. See information from previous dx trip back earlier in May on this same Page

Also VE8EV will be heading out to Sachs Harbour on Banks Island for the RSGB IOTA Contest during july 24-27 using callsign VC8B

May 23, 2009
Brier Island, Canada, NA-127, is the destination for six Canadian
operators for an operation May 22-25.  VE1AI, VE1FHW, VE1PEI, VE1QD
and VE1RGB will be operating.   qsl via  OPERATOR INSTRUCTIONS
Qsk va                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

May 22, 2009

VE1FO/P will be the callsign for the Group that is going to BRIER ISLAND TODAY

also recieved email from Doug Berry who gave me some corrections for the description of Deas Island BC-045 and George Massey Tunnel

thanks for the Information Doug

If anyone does see a problem with a description or can give a better details of the locations of any islands already listed.  Please feel free to email and will get them updated.


MAY 20, 2009

We just received an email from Mike VA6FUN he going to try and new activation this Sunday afternoon Wx permitting from Farming Island
this is in Alberta and will be another new one for the Alberta list watch for Mike around 1700UTC on PSK31 and then on voice later on check the 14070 area for psk31 operation and 14270 + or - or 14315 + or - for his voice operations.  QSL direct to VA6FUN.

May 19, 2009


VY1RST will be active from Jacquot Island during field-day June 27-28 2009 qsl via operator instructions at this time


CG200I    will be on from July17- August 16 ,2009 celebrating 200 years of Ile verte Lighthouse  (island of green lighthouse) this is QC-015 for CISA
qsl via VE2CQ

VY2Z  will be on for IOTA contest july 25-26 qsl via ve3zz

May 18, 2009

Note this is ns-011 for CISA

Note from Mike Tate VA6FUN he did make it out to AB-017 but ran into equipment problems while he was out there. He did managed to make a few contacts this was a test run for a lighthouse excursion late in the summer.  Watch for Mike VA6FUN for more trips into the near future.

CG7GMT will be on from BC-045 Deas Island celerbrating the 50th Anniversary of the GEORGE MASSY TUNNEL qsl via VE7SUN ALSO
CHECK OUT THE LINK http://www.deltaamateurradio.com/Special_Event.html

May 16, 2009

Just in from Mike Tate VA6FUN he planning on hitting the airwaves  this weekend   Possibly 1800UTC on may 16 doing PSK 31 and ssb doing AB-017 Long Island and possibility AB-018 Big Island if the batterys last Big Island

May 10,2009

Just a reminder to all Island Activators please send your information to me by Thursday morning so that I can get the announcements on-line that evening.

Please note I have very limited on-line time these days as I have starting taking a bunch of course for upgrading and have limited time to work on the website.


May 9, 2009

Sorry to the delays in getting back to everyone on here. We have been busy at work and now working at the summer place quite often on weekends and during the week, and taking a couple college courses and back to full-time employment keeps me busy.

I received a bulletin sometime in last two weeks and was shocked to see that KA5TQF Dave Zulawski became a silent key and the graveside funeral service was April 18, 2009.  REST IN PEACE Dave.

Dave was active IOTA Activator and Island Chaser in the IOTA and CISA programs, as Website manager Dave & I interacted many times when I first took over the site for updating and fixing things before Dave's Health took a turn for the Worse.  Rest in Peace Dave were always thinking of you.

Also from the Email this past week.

John MacFarlane VA7PX

sent this out to me

JOHN WILL BE ON Mayne Island BC-035 OR iota NA-075 he's quite active on 20 and 40mtrs and will be there on weekends all thru August.

John is willing to setup skeds and can be contacted at [email protected]

That's all we got for the moment.


April 5, 2009

Good Evening  Canadian Island Hunters it's been a good week for people looking for Islands in the North Part of Country of Canada.

Cezar VE3LYC using callsign VY0A ended his trip sometime Friday Evening

John VE8EV using Special Prefix and Callsign VX8X started up in Northwest Territories on Friday evening.

VY0A was given  NT023
VX8X has been given NW047

Thanks to both Cezar and John  for there hard work.


April 1 2009

Cezar VE3LYC using VY0A is on Fox Island in Nunavut and has met all the requirements for CISA he currently doing CW and both Garry VE3XN and James VE3TPZ have worked him on 20 and 30 mtrs cw.  

Fox Island has been give NT023 under the Nunavut Provincial Island Group

Please note
FOX Island under the Northwest Territories still counts for people that worked it before it was changed over to Nunavut Territories.  YES this means Both Count for the everyone who worked it Previous.

Also on received an email from John Reisenauser who was planning on using VY1/K7Y for the Field day operation in June.

He has been advised by the FCC that he cannot use that K7Y callsign in conjunction with the VY1 prefix therefore he has advised that he will be using VY1RST  instead.


March 24, 2009

Received an email from KL7JR John with more information on his dx-trip for Field-day in the Yukon

Special event station VY1/K7Y will be active June 25-July 4 on 20, 40 and 80 meters

from Kluane Lake in the Yukon .  Emphasis will be for Field Day from Jacquot Island

(“new one” for CIsA).  Primary 14.260 and 7.260 +- QRM.  This will be a joint venture

of clubs KL7RST, VY1RST and VE8RST to promote Amateur Radio in the north.

QSL KL7JR direct w/SASE for full-color QSL.


[ Kluane Lake area is a rugged and picturesque landscape steeped in Klondike Gold

Rush history.  KL7JR has spent a considerable amount of time on the lake over the

past 20 years, and is considered an expert on local history by the Burwash Landing

Library and Yukon Archives for his book, “BROTHERS in the YUKON ”.]

Got the coordinates as 61.3291999ºN  138.7653ºW, which gives a Grid
Locator of CP01OH for the island from Canadian topographical site done
with GPS.


John Reisenauer, Jr.

MARCH 23, 2009



March 20, 2009

Was out for a bit tonight during that time period Igor VE3ZF/P was on from Bluffers Park Island from Scarborough Ontario. Part of the   VC3Y group that will be on tomorrow also.  There by ON-276 has now been given to this operation.

Watch for the Guys tomorrow


March 18, 2009

Just recieved word from Garry VE3XN that the VX8X has been delayed about 2 weeks they will now go April 2-5 2009.

VE     - John/VE8EV, Wally/VE8DW and Gerry/VE8GER will  be  active  as  VX8X
         from Ellice Island (NA-192) on April 2- 5. They  plan  to  operate
         around the clock, with an  expected  focus  on  20m  SSB  and  some
         activity on CW as well. They will  also  have  a  vertical  for  40
         metres. The QSL route will be announced at www.qrz.com and  updates
         will be posted on http://ve8ev.blogspot.com/search/label/IOTA  [TNX

Also KL7JR plans to be active during field-day at from  A Yukon Island more details on this one to follow.

As the wx gets warmer and better in Ontario. Please try to get your Dxtrip info rmation to me by Thursday evening so that I can edit it and get it online as I will be doing work at the summer place starting in the near future there is no internet access or phone access so if I have to update the site it's a twenty minute run to town to find access each way.

For hams attending HAM-EX 2009 in Brampton I will be there if all goes as planned


March 13, 2009

Have received an update from  Igor VE3ZF and Neil VE3SST for the upcoming Island trip to Bluffers Park Island NEW Cisa Activation for Ontario.

Doug/VE3CWO, Neil/VE3SST, Igor/VE3ZF, Valdas/VE3VO and Brent/VE3IRT will be activating Bluffers Park Island (new CISA island) and new lighthouse as well.

We will be using a special call sign VC3Y on March 21th-22nd, 2009, celebrating 50 Years of the York Region Amateur Radio Club. QSL via VE3CWO

Good luck to your islands hunting and 73!

Igor VE3ZF
Check out http://www.qsl.net/ve3tpz/cisa/pictures/Bluffers Park 1.jpg

also check out http://www.qsl.net/ve3tpz/cisa/pictures/Bluffers Park 2.jpg


20/03/2009:  Heinz, VA7AQ will be active as VE9/VA7AQ from Grand Manan
Island (NA-014, CIsA NB-003, WLOTA LH-0082) between March 20-25th. QSL
via home call, direct or Bureau. [425 DX News]

Be sure the check the RAC MagazineTCA  for VE3LYC article about the VO2A dxpedition last August 2008

Keep the news coming ..


March 8, 2009

Please note Island numbers are not given advance normally due to uncertainly of whether the Islands will be on the air actually or not.

Under Rare conditions Garry VE3XN will do this and please Note Only Garry VE3XN will do this.

Also with the Nunavut and Northwest Territories and change in the border line that Garry VE3XN will advise me whether a new number is needed to be given out.


March 7, 2009

Updates on the VC3Y BLUFFERS PARK Island trip

March 6, 2009

Greetings to Everyone who follows this site. 

We had some computers  problems over time September to Late Feb time frame and as everyone is aware prevent us from getting on here to update the site.

 We lost the main hard drive and tried numerous ways of back-online to the site and getting the new hard drive installed we had to basically start from day one we got lucky because I  keep a copy of the files off-site. We got them back here and here we go again.

Enough of that now on with the Good Stuff

Upcoming Activations for Canadian Islands

Starting with the Weekend of  March 21-22.

Doug/VE3CWO, Neil/VE3SST, Igor/VE3ZF and  Valdas/VE3VO ,  will be activiting a new one for everyone
they will be using a Special Event callsign VC3Y .

Celebrating 50 Years of the York Region Amateur Radio Club.

There Activation plan is for From Bluffers Park Island  (Scarborough Bluffs Sailing Club)  on March 21-22 2009 if all goes well. This will be a NEW ACTIVATION.

I have received Pictures from Neil on this island already and will attempt to get these on-line as time permits.

They  plan  to operate CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31 on the HF  bands.  QSL  via  ???? direct or bureau

Good Luck from all of us at CISA.

March 20-23 2009

VE     - John/VE8EV, Wally/VE8DW and Gerry/VE8GER will  be  active  as  VX8X
         from Ellice Island (NA-192) on 20-23 March. They  plan  to  operate
         around the clock, with an  expected  focus  on  20m  SSB  and  some
         activity on CW as well. They will  also  have  a  vertical  for  40
         metres. The QSL route will be announced at
www.qrz.com and  updates
         will be posted on http://ve8ev.blogspot.com/search/label/IOTA  [TNX

This actviation was spotted in the 425 DX NEWS ISSUE 931

March 31 - 3 April 3 2009 VY0A Fox island

Fellow Cisa & Iota Activator VE3LYC will be activiting Fox Island this will count for Nunavut as a new Island number will be issued for this one under the Nunvanut  Island classification.

qsl via operator instructions

May  23--24  2009

It is official. The call sign for the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the George Massey tunnel is CG7GMT.
The special event will take place on May 23 and 24, 2009.
We will be setting at least one station up. The location of the station will be at the south end of the tunnel, well off the highway near the fence next to Deas Island Park. The operating frequency will be on or near 14.260, operating times 10:00-18:00 Pacific daylight savings time. We will explore running other stations, frequencies and modes.
Deas Island is  BC045.
QSL is direct with SASE or through the RAC Bureau.
The sponsoring club is Delta amateur Radio Society. Information can be found at www.deltaamateurradio.com/
Rand Lutman VE7HRA
[email protected]
Special Event Coordinator
Delta Amateur Radio Society

Other Upcoming Trips.

Mike Tate VA6FUN is planning to take a couple trips
This coming spring and summer I plan to spend some time at Lac La Biche and noticed that AB017 Long Isl and AB018 Big Isl would be easy for me to activate. Currant Isl AB019 may be possible with use of my kayak.
  There is also a new island I'd like to activate for the first time found in Lesser Slave Lake...Dog Isl.....I've been staring at it on a map we have on our wall at work since last year...

Mike is also a PSK-31 user and asked about that mode for the  Canadians Islands Awards program.

I  spoke with Garry Hammond VE3XN Program Founder and manager on this Subject on March 6, 2009.

All modes are acceptable for the award.

  With exception no IRLP or ECHOLINK  

If you have a question on this please contact Garry VE3XN .

This completes our update for March at this time

James VE3TPZ/VA3WR  Website Co-ordinator.