Wild life encounter

After working as a field staff, we have to visit our sites quite often. Some of these locations are not located in highly populated area. We sometimes run head to head with the non-human residents of these areas. Some of them are cute, but some very forceful. Here are some photographs taken during those incidence.


Latest images collection taken 2004 in Algonquin Provincial Park can be viewed from





Visitor from North Pole.

Hearing something outside the door after returning from another shack, peeking out from the window found this 500lb polar sniffing on the wooden stairs. The bear is about 2 years old and should have not left the mother too long.

  … Hello, anybody home ??   .… Smell good, I'm hungry.

I have to figure out how to get in ??*&^….   Might be roaring will help…….

… showing my paws.          …. Please, let me join your dinner.

…………….…. Nah, I don't think I'm invited !!!!

Above pictures supplied by Mr.Tom Watson during his visit at Cape Hooper, Baffin Island.


Home sweet home

The quick brown fox jumps right over the lazy dog 12345678…

This is not a typing test or testing the RTTY keyboard. They are real fox, a house of foxes, one mother and 7 cubs.

I was paying a routine visit to one of our microwave hop site. Some movement registered in my sight. But I can hardly say what made it. Get the magnified view of 1st picture and take a close look at the tree on the left hand side.


  …. The mother watching me with suspicious.     .... Boys, get out for some sunshine, its OK.

… Our home is the best.


Night wonderer


Raccoons are common wild life in our city. These cute animals normally live in woods but due to the rapid development of the city, their home is suddenly very close to domestic houses. When that occurs, they tend to migrate and share the house with the human neighbor. This shot is taken when I worked on an over night mission and felt someone staring at me behind a tree. The flash light reviewed him and it came out right away to inspect me up close.