FD2002 - Operating Position

Looking down through the companionway into the interior of the sailboat, you can see the operating positions on the dining table. Karl, VE3MB, is on the left at the 20M SSB station; and John, VE3LM, is on the right at the 40M SSB station. One of the challanges of operation on the sailboat is the close quarters. The table has to be folded up out of the way for sleeping, so the stations had to be torn down during rest period.

In this picture, Karl, VE3MB is on the left, Doug, VE3MCF is on the right. Karl is using his Icom 735 on 20M powered by a UPS battery under the table. Doug is using John's Kenwood 440 on 40M, powered from one of the sailboat's batteries. Note the antenna feed coaxes coming in over Karl's head. The antennas were previously tuned with an MFJ antenna analyser. Logging was accomplished on a Thinkpad (on Karl's seat) and a PC convertable (on the table) using NR9R's FD program. John, VE3LM, took this picture.

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