Simple Dipole For Forty Meters

If you click on the picture, you'll get a bigger version.

Believe it or not, there is a 40M dipole antenna in this picture. If you follow the links below, I'll explain how to find it.



John decided to go back to basics. His dipole was made with about 66 feet of #20 copper wire with the ends tied out with heavy nylon fishing line. The centre insulator sported a SO-238 chassis connector in order to attach the feed line and an hole to attach a cord to raise the antenna into position. Since our 20M antenna mast was the highest position on the sailboat, we attached a pulley to the mast where we wanted the apex of the antenna to be.

The ends of the 40M dipole were held out away from the ship using SD20 fishing poles. The Black SD20's were wedged against convenient sailboat fixtures to hold the 40M dipole's ends high out over the bow and stern of the boat. The ends of the SD20's were held in the air by using the dipole itself as part of the support structure.