FD2001 - Installing 75M Vertical Antenna

Here I was installing the 75M vertical hamstick on metal railing at bow of sailboat. We were never able to "load" that antenna. We were able to load 15M and 40M hamsticks. They were good "ears", but quiet "mouths". Only four contacts were made from this antenna position for reasons we have yet to determine. We swapped radios, added various lengths of radials, tried various grounding techniques; all to little avail.

Laying on the dock near Karl's feet, you can see some sections of the masting we used to rotate the 20M dipole. On the top of each section, you can make out the short pieces of wood used to stiffen the joints were the drain pipe was connected together (good job we did a dry run ahead of time to check the concept).

Note: John Chapman, VE3LM took the picture.

If you click on the picture, you'll get a bigger version.