St. Maarten Amateur Radio Club

                  Box 7, Sint Maarten, Neth. Antilles




 The following Government-licensed members of the St. Maarten Amateur Radio

 Foundation extend their public service assistance in time of emergencies:


    Samuel Allen              24 Merlin Rd. c/o PJD2               PJ7SA

    David  Bardfield          15 Wellington Rd, Cole Bay           PJ7DB

    Edward Bardfield          Box 7,Zoutsteeg 3A,Philipsburg       PJ7ED

    Claire Bardfield          4 Diamond Rd.Simpson Bay Corner      PJ7YL

    Morton Bardfield          4 Diamond Rd.Simpson Bay Corner      PJ7UQ

    Edward Benjamin           16 Gladiola Rd, Saunders             PJ7EB

    Franklin Brown            2 Waterfront Rd.Cole Bay             PJ7FB

    Simon Carty               24 Carnation Rd, Saunders            PJ7CS

    Philippe Chevalier        Gendarmarie, BP.378,Marigot          FS5BD

    Pedro Croes               Box 160, Philipsburg                 PJ7CP

    Arie DeGroot              Box 142, Point Blanche               PJ7ARI

    Erwin Ferrier  sk         Beacon Hill Road                     PJ7EF

    Alphonse Geerlings        Buncamper Rd, Sucker Garden          PJ7AJG

    Iris Geerlings            Buncamper Rd, Sucker Garden          PJ7IG

    Lorenzo Gibbs             S. Reward, Philipsburg               PJ7GL

    Robert Gilmoor            Gilmoor Electronics, Box 480         PJ7GIL

    Dan Horn                  Simpson Bay Yacht Club               PJ7DH

    Martin Jacobsen           Juliana Airport                      PJ7SBM

    Godwin James              220 Union Rd, Cole Bay               PJ7JG

    Edilio Jonis              Box 160 Pondfill Rd                  PJ7EJ                         

    Vincent Labega            Kruythofsteeg, Back St.              PJ7VL

    Michael Mardenborough     Boulanger Rd. South Reward           PJ7MM

    Frank L.Peters            Wellington Road                      PJ7PF

    Vinston Richardson,       Mt. Williams Hill                    PJ7RV

    Orlando Rumnit            36 Back Street,rear                  PJ7RO

    Han Schryvers             Box 1056, Belair 231,                PJ7BK

    David Van Putten          108 Cole Bay Hill                    PJ7VP

    SXM Radio Club            15 Wellington Rd.                    PJ7A

    St. Maarten Red Cross     Airport Rd.                          PJ7SRC




    St. Peters Hill Repeater  Box 7, Philipsburg                   PJ7R

    Pic Paradis Repeater BP.10,Marigot,French St.Martin            FS5ZMG


    The St. Maarten Amateur Radio club was chartered in 1978 as a non-profit

    foundation commensurate with the hilltop installation of the PJ7R repeater on

    146.76 MHz. The system coverage extends to St. Kitts and Montserrat. The

    club sponsor is Comm-Systems Ltd. of Cole Bay.


    A French repeater FS5ZMG is maintained on Pic Paradis.


    In September 1995 Hurricane Luis disrupted the Islands communication systems. Amateur

    radio operators at PJ7A in Philipsburg established contact with the outside world and

    relayed emergency reports to the Weather Bureau Hurricane Center, and the United Nations

    Center in N.Y.



Sept. 2002