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About VE3ISP:

VE3ISP has started with HAM (Amateur Radio) since July 2000. This VE3ISP Web site was designed for information about HAM Radio, and other interesting information. Also visit, my personal web site, click here to http://members.rogers.com/edwardchoi/ VE3ISP Web site is always inspected, up-dated, modified to always offer the BEST to our visitors. Hope you enjoy your stay @ VE3ISP Web site!

About HAM Amateur Radio:

Amateur Radio, known as HAM is used for 2 way communations. To get started, all you need is a license and a radio. A few lisence options are available including BASIC, ADVANCED and CW. The bands include VHF and, UHF. For CW lisencees, HF is also available for long distance.

Unlike other radios such as FRS, walkie-talkies, or CBs which only travel approximately 3.2km, VHF and UHF can travel up to hundreds of kilometres through Repeater Station(s). That is over 100 times farther! HF can even travel around the world using both voice and morse codes.

Many different radios are available for HAM including hand-helds, car and base radios. As well, many repeater stations are available. You can setup your own if you have ADVANCED qualification on your lisence. Through high voltage and high repeaters (best on high buildings or towers,) as well as, high attennas, you can travel several hundreds of kilometres.

This service is available for free! You can talk to people as much as you like or call someone on the phone! Once you have your lisence you get to choose a free callsign. In Ontario, callsigns starts with either "VE3" or "VA3" then 3 letters of your choice.

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