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Appendix D - Operation "SILLITOE"
via amateur radio
1	 R  VE3CBK  Ck: 114 Ottawa, ON	Time/Date: 1400Z 24 July 

Major (ret'd) D.G. Lawrence
Wireless Set No. 19 Group

1.	You all do me great honour commemorating my contribution to the war
effort with the design and production of the AT1/AR2 for the R.C.A.F. for
ferrying Lancasters and Mosquitos across the Atlantic, and the 60th anniversary
of my return to Canada with the plans for the Wireless Set No. 19 and
subsequent adaptation for production on this continent.

2.	Your continuing recognition of my efforts is greatly appreciated,
and indeed, a great compliment and surprise to me after 60 years.  To me
now it is all far away and long ago.
3.	This message is being sent from Ottawa using a Wireless Set
Number 19 and received in Kingston on a AT1/AR2,

				Sydney Sillitoe P.Eng, F.E.I.C.

This message was handled free of charge by a licensed amateur radio operator, whose address is shown above. A return message may be filed with this operator at no charge.

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