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Submit YOUR photos! Please include a short narrative and remember, pictures are MUCH more attractive if they have a PERSON in them. So, put yourself in FRONT of the camera, please. If you don't have access to a scanner, you can mail me the picture, which I will scan and return to you. (Email me for the mailing address.) However, if you do your own scanning, please keep the finished product under 20K in size. Thanks much! -Bob.

Dave, VA3ODR, gives his 'history of communications' presentation to members of the Victoria/Haliburton ARC, as well as to a couple of members of the Orillia Amateur Radio Club. His presentation was a 'bonus'. The group made the bus trip in March 2001 to the Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston to hear Dave and to see the exhibits. Both the presentation and the exhibits make the trip well worthwhile.

Dave gave the group a private, off-hours, guided-tour. Here he explains
the contents of a cabinet containing a variety of vacuum tubes.

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