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Submit YOUR photos! Please include a short narrative and remember, pictures are MUCH more attractive if they have a PERSON in them. So, put yourself in FRONT of the camera, please. If you don't have access to a scanner, you can mail me the picture, which I will scan and return to you. (Email me for the mailing address.) However, if you do your own scanning, please keep the finished product under 20K in size. Thanks much! -Bob.

Dave, VA3ODR, and Bob, VE3BDB 'ham' it up at Oshawa, Ontario, during the Ontario Military Vehicle Association event which was held 9 and 10 of June 2001. There was a 19 set in the tent as well as one in the WWII 8 CWT Wireless Van.

Bob, VE3BDB (left) and Dave, VA3ORP, carry Dave's 19 Set out of the tent and to his waiting car (background), where he operated mobile with Sue, VE3SUH, as driver. Contacts between the mobile station and the base setup in the wireless van were surprisingly good, reaching a distance of 30.6 Km before the mobile returned to base. Incidentally, Dave spent the night in the tent, comforted by a ration of beans, spam and fig newton cookies. No kidding!!

Dave, VA3ORP takes a turn at the WS#19 display sent up by Gerald VA3GAH, who travelled all the way from Parry Sound to attend the Oshawa event. Gerald, centre, and an unidentified man are seen looking on.

Dave, VA3ORP, and Sue, VE3SUH, look dangerous peeking out of the hatches of a WWII Sherman tank, one of several tanks present on the grounds.

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