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Wireless Set No 19 MkII
Figures and Tables

This information is taken directly from the Working Instructions for the Wireless Set No. 19 Mark II (as manufactured in Canada and the U.S.A.), published by the Director of Signals Design, Army Engineering Design Branch, Department of Munitions and Supply, Ottawa, Canada. Approved by the Chief of the General Staff, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, Canada. 1st August 1942. Tables I, II and III are not shown here but are contained within the WS19 MkII Manual text.

The information given in this document is not to be communicated either directly, or indirectly, to the Press or to any person not holding an official position in His Majesty's Service. (Warning notice on cover of this wartime document.)

Block Diagrams, Schematics, Photos and Figures

Block Diagram of Sender/Receiver (A and B Sets)

Complete Schematic of Sender/Receiver, Part 1 (A and B Sets)

Complete Schematic of Sender/Receiver, Part 2 (A and B sets)

Schematic of Variometer

Schematic of Supply Unit

Top Plan of Chassis

Underneath Plan of Chassis

Controls on Front Panel

Wiring Layout of Canadian Infantry Tank MkIII Installation (Using Headgear No. 1)

Wiring Layout of U.S. Medium Tank M-4

Front View of Set and Supply Unit

Front View with Guard and Waterproof Cover

Inside View of Sender/Receiver (Top)

Front View of Set and Supply Unit (Underneath)

Inside View of Variometer

Inside View of Supply Unit

Installation Equipment for Infantry Tank MkIII

Installation Equipment for U.S. Medium Tank M-4

Table IV - Valve Designations, Types, Functions and Circuit Details

Table IV, Part 1
Table IV, Part 2

Table V - Controls and Adjustments

Table V, Part 1
Table V, Part 2
Table V, Part 3

Table VI - Details of Control System (Canadian Infantry Tank Mk III) 3-Man Vehicle

Table VI, Part 1
Table VI, Part 2
Table VI, Part 3

Table VII - Details of Control System (U.S. Medium Tank M4) 5-Man Vehicle

Table VII, Part 1
Table VII, Part 2
Table VII, Part 3

Table VIII - Normal Meter Readings

Table VIII, Part 1
Table VIII, Part 2

Table IX - Components and Parts for Wireless Set No. 19 Mark II

Table IX, Part 1
Table IX, Part 2
Table IX, Part 3
Table IX, Part 4
Table IX, Part 5
Table IX, Part 6
Table IX, Part 7
Table IX, Part 8
Table IX, Part 9
Table IX, Part 10

Table X - Set and Standard Kit, Ref. No. P.C. 75527C-191

Table X, Part 1
Table X, Part 2
Table X, Part 3

Table XI - Interchangeability List
(British, Canadian and U.S. Manufacture)

Table XI, Part 1
Table XI, Part 2
Table XI, Part 3
Table XI, Part 4

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