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This is the Vintage Operator's Award. The serial number, date and name are done in metalic gold. A new certificate with a new serial number is issued every time an endorsement is earned.

Vintage Operator's Award

1. Purpose: to encourage and recognize those personnel who collect, restore and operate vintage military communications equipment.

2. Sponsor: the net controllers of the "19 Set Net".

3. Eligibility: open to all personnel. Military service or an amateur radio operator's certificate is not necessary other than as specified in the Radio Act.

4. Form of Award: a plaque or certificate with an endorsement for each different type of equipment used. The original award will include a reproduction of the type of equipment used. Subsequent endorsements will be in the form of an attachment to the original award. The cost of the award and endorsements will be borne by the applicant, however issuance will be controlled by the "19 Set Net".

5. Criteria: The spirit of the award is to encourage the collection, restoration and use of vintange communications equipment. While there should be an element of understanding of the technical aspects and operational use of a particular item, the essential criteria is that of operating. With these as guiding principles, the following criteria are set:

a. the basic award and subsequent endorsements require five (5) contacts with each type of equipment,

b. only one contact per equipment type per day is allowed between the same parties,

c. to be counted as a contact the following information must be exchanged:
(1) callsign
(2) operator's name
(3) equipment type
(4) equipment serial number
(5) signal report

d. the applicant must personally connect, tune and operate the equipment with the original instructions,

e. the equipment used must be without major modifications (with exceptions for power supplies, antenna and extremely rare or valuable components),

f. alternate means of communications may be used to coordinate the contact, however details of the exchange must actually be passed and confirmed using the vintage equipment,

g. reasonable exceptions will be made for personnel who are physically challenged,

h. distances covered must be representative of those encountered in the normal operation use of the equipment (e.g. 1 Km per watt for radios, 0.5 Km for line and visual equipment). Exceptions will be considered for unusual equipments,

i. if the use of actual vintage equipment is unreasonable due to the possibility of damage, rarity or historical value, then faithful reproductions may be constructed and used. These reproductions should be essentially identical to the schematics of the originals,

j. only contacts made after 15 August 1995 (50th anniversary of the end of WW II) may be counted,

k. it is not necessary for both ends of the exchange to be made with vintage equipment and separate endorsements may be given for the receiver and transmitter of a particular set,

l. equipment must be of a type not presently used by the Regular Forces of Canada, and

m. anyone who has qualified for the award is authorized to make note of that fact on QSL cards.

6. Application: the applicant must submit contact details showing the dates and times, locations, details of the exchanges and a photograph showing at least one of the contacts being made. This application should be submitted to either VA3ORP or VE3CBK.

D. Lawrence, VA3ORP, 1309 Sunbury Road, R.R. #2, Inverary, ON. K0H 1X0

C. Basaillion, VE3CBK, 1324 Old Carp Rd., R.R. #1, Kanata, ON. K2K 1X7


000 'Jimmy', VE3RCS, 17May96 (no endorsements)

001 Chris, VE3CBK, 13Nov95 for W.S.No. 19

002 Alan, VE3RIH, 23Feb96 for W.S. No. 19

003 Dave, VA3ORP, 17Mar96 for W.S. No. 19

004 Dave, VA3ORP, 21Sep96 for W.S. No. 48

005 Dave, VA3ORP, 03Aug97 for CPRC-26

006 Alan, VE3RIH for HRO-5 Receiver

007 Vic, W1NU, 03Nov97 for W.S. No. 19

008 Dave, VA3ORP, 15Mar99 for "Long Chirp" (one hour QSO)

009 Vic, W1NU, 15Mar99 for "Long Chirp" (one hour QSO)

010 Meir, WF2U, 27Feb99 for W.S. No. 19 and "Long Chirp"

011 Dave, VA3ORP, 10Jan00, AN/GRC-109

012 Dave, VA3ORP, 24Jan00, AT-1/AR-2

013 Chuck, W1HIS, 22Nov00, W.S. No. 19

014 Dave, VA3ORP, 08Dec00, one Tube Tx

Copyright 1997-98-99, 2000 by R. D. (Bob) Cooke, VE3BDB (Orillia, ON CA). All Rights Reserved

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