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Museum of Applied Military History Signals/Telecommunications Section List of Activities for 1999
1. Operation "ATLANTIC HOP - II", Jan & Feb. This was an on-air event in which vintage radio equipment was used to establish trans-Atlantic communications. Worlwide there were 30 different participants and the event operated over an 8 week period. Successful links were established between Kingston, Ontario and Oslo, Norway plus between Long Island, New York and Rome, Italy. The event was the subject of three interviews on Radio Canada International and two on Radio Netherlands Worldwide. (D. Lawrence, C. Bisaillion, A. Cronin, R. Cooke) 2. North Shore Amateur Radio Club (Oshawa), 18 Jan. This was a presentation showing the connection between scientific discoveries and communications technologies. Vintage military communications equipment was used in the demonstrations. (D. Lawrence) 3. Flag Day (Kingston), 14 Feb. This was the Communications and Electronics Museum's version of the "antique roadshow". A display was prepared showing preservation techniques for certain types of artifacts (photographs, clothing, firearms, paper articles). (D. Lawrence, T. Lawrence) 4. Guides-on-the-Air (Kingston), 20 Feb. This event was run in conjunction with the Military Communications and Electronics Museum and the Kingston Amateur Radio Club. There were two aspects. One involved allowing the girl guides to use the amateur radio equipment to make contact with other guide groups. The other was a presentation/workshop in which the guides used various communications technologies to pass a test message. (D. Lawrence, T. Lawrence) 5. RCAF 75th Anniversary (Kingston), 1 Apr. This event was run in conjunction with the Military Communications and Electronics Museum and the Air Force Telecommunications Association. WWII vintage radio equipment was installed in the Museum and was demonstrated to visitors by a reenactor in period a uniform. Air Vice -Marshall (ret'd) McBurney was the guest of honour for this event. (D. Lawrence) 6. Storrington Ladies Group (Kingston), 28 Apr. This was an evening presentation entitled "Preserving Your Heritage". It discussed means of documenting family histories and described techniques for preserving artifacts. (D. Lawrence) 7. Vintage Field Day, 19/20 Jun. This was an on-air event in which vintage equipment was used to make radio contact. There were 14 stations from 7 countries participating with a total of 29 contacts being successfully completed. (D. Lawrence, C. Bisaillion, A. Cronin) 8. Borden Air Show (CFB Borden), 26/27 Jun. For this event a display of RCAF telecommunications equipment was prepared. It included equipment, uniforms and a Morse code demonstration. Two uniformed reenactors took part. (D. Lawrence, R. Cooke) 9. Murney Tower (Kingston), 14 Aug. The section particiapted in the Kingston Historical Society's annual event - "Defending the Decades". The display included a WWII bell tent established as a Battalion Command Post with operating radios and field telephones. Telegraph equipment and visual signalling items were also displayed. Uniformed reenactors described the display to the visitors. (D. Lawrence, T. Lawrence, C. Bisaillion) 10. Fort Frontenac (Kingston), 21 Oct. A static display with uniformed reenactor was provided for "Jimmy Day". This was in support of an activity by the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College. (D. Lawrence) 11. Remembrance Day (Kingston), 11 Nov. This was a combination on-air event and public demonstration run in conjunction with the Military Communications and Electronics Museum. It involved a uniformed reenactor operating WWII vintage equipment and making radio contact with out-stations of the Wireless Set No. 19 Group. (D. Lawrence, A. Cronin) 12. MAMH Meeting (Toronto), 12 Dec. The section participated in this organizational meeting. A presentation was made describing the need for, and progress made, on developing Unit Orders. These may be useful to other MAMH units. As a result of this meeting, the Signals/Telecom Sect has a representative on the MAMH's Cartridge Council. (D. Lawrence) 13. Weekly Morse Code Training Net. This continues to be a core activity for the Section. On average there are six out-stations of the Wireless Set No. 19 Group that participate in this one hour training session. 14. Weekly "Old Sweats Net". This is a regular on-air event in which veterans and other interested amateur radio operators discuss matters of common interest. 15. Monthly "19 Set Net". This is a regular on-air event in which military radio collectors discuss restoration projects, technical items and upcoming special events. Average participation is ten operators. D. Lawrence OC Sig/Telecom Sect

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