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Wireless Set No. 19 Gp - Signals/Telecom Section
Museum of Applied Military History Activity Report for 2000

	The Wireless Set No. 19 Group is the primary on-air operating component
of the Signals/Telecom Section of the Museum of Applied Military history.
While there are only five full members of the Sigs/Telecom Section,
the W.S. No. 19 Gp has approximately 75 membrs, 25 of whom regularly
participate in group events.  The five full members participate in both
reenactment activities (public displays) and on-air events.

	The following list shows the activities of the section for the year 2000.
 Nine (9) of these events involved interaction with the public while the other
eight (8) were on-air events with only Group participation.  In addition there
were twelve (12) monthly voice net, fifty-two (52) weekly CW nets, ninteen (19)
Slow Speed Nets and fifty-two (52) Old Sweats Nets.

1 Jan	Millennium Net.  On-air meeting at 0030Z using vintage equipment.
Five stations participated (va3orp, ve3cbk, ve3rih, w1nu, wf2u).

Jan - Apr	Op "Vintage Op - 2000".  On-air event with objective of making
  		2000 contacts using vintage equipment.  Two stations participated
		(ve3bbn, va3orp).

Jan - May	Op "Home Brew I".  Event to encourage members to construct
    		simple transmitter at minimum cost.  Two stations completed
		transmitter and made on-air contacts (ve3bbn, va3orp).

Jan - Feb	Op "Atlantic Hop - III".  Unsuccessful attempt to work trans-
	        Atlantic using vintage equipment.  Four stations participated
		(la5mt, ik0moz, va7bm, va3orp).

23 Jan	Special Event to mark 60th anniversary of RCAF AT1/AR2 General Purpose
(GP) set.  Passed commerative message to AVM (ret'd) Ralph McBurney, RCAF Dir
of Sigs.  Two stations participated (ve3cbk, va3orp).

6-8 May	Op "Camp-X".  Static and active display at site of Camp-X (Oshawa) to
mark the 55th anniversary of VE-Day.  Display included spy radios, W.S. No. 19,
bell tent and uniformed reenactors.  Used opportunity to conduct ground-wave
tests (greatest range was 80 Km - Oshawa to St Catherines).  During voice net
on 7 May, a  phone patch was made to Mrs Davie Gardner (CWAC at Camp-X, now
living in Ottawa).  Four MAMH participants on-site (Theresa Lawrence,
David Lawrence, Douglas Lawrence, Bob Cooke).

27 May	Static display (RCCS & CWAC) at "Swamp Ward Festival" (Kingston).
Two MAMH participants (Theresa Lawrence, David Lawrence)

28 May	Support to C&E Museum display at Kingston Militaria Show.  Two MAMH
participants (Theresa Lawrence, David Lawrence).

6 Jun	Special Event for 56th anniversary of D-Day.  Used vintage equipment
on-air in AM mode.  Four stations participated (ve3cbk, ve3bbn. ve3bdb, va3orp)

7 Jun	Special tour of C&E Museum for members of Kingston Amateur Radio Club.

10 Jun	Op "Oshawa".  On-air event in conjunction with Ontario Military Vehicle
Association drive-in.  Used event to continue ground-wave trials (unsuccessful
between Oshawa and Mississauga - 40 Km).  Mobile operations with W.S. No. 19
were conducted (greatest range was 8 Km in voice, 16 miles in Morse code).
Four stations participated (ve3rih, va3bbw, va3cgj, va3orp)

Jun	Support to Girl Guides Jamboree near Orillia.  On-air demonstration
of vintage radio equipment conducted by VE3BDB.

2 Jul	Extreme range W.S. No. 19 Set ground-wave trials between VE3CBK and
VA3ORP (109 Km).  Partial success was achieved with one-way communications noted.

4-6 Aug	Static and active display on WWII Liberty Ship - SS John W. Brown during
its port visit to Toronto.  Uniform reenactors acted as tour guides
(Theresa Lawrence, David Lawrence).  Active display included on-air activity
with W.S. No. 48.  Contact was established between SS John W Brown and HMCS Haida.
Three stations participated (va3bbw/ve3cgj, ve3rih, va3orp/ve3rcs).

11 Nov	Remembrance Day Sked.  Annual on-air event conducted by VE1NU using
W.S. No. 19.  Good participation with 22 contacts made.

Dec	Op "Atlantic Hop - III".  Trans-Atlantic attempt organized by W1HIS.
Contact was established between W1HIS (Belmont, Ma) and LA5MT (Oslo, Norway)
using W.S.s No. 19 at both ends.

23 Dec	Op "Fessenden" to mark the 100th anniversary of first use of voice via
radio (done by Reginald Fessenden).  Event was run with vintage equipment using
AM mode.  Maximum range between 19 Sets was 82 miles.  Maximum range between
vintage stations was 232 miles.  Ten stations participated (ve3cbk, ve3csj,
w1his, ve3bbn, ve3rih, aj1g, w1gdz, w1nu, ve3bdb, va3orp/ve3rcs).

Monthly	W.S. No. 19 Voice Net.  Time was advanced to 1900Z to avoid broadcast
station interference.  Day was changed from 1st to 2nd Sunday of month to avoid
holiday weekends.  Frequency remains 7.175 MHz.  Average number of stations
participating is twelve (12) with range of ten (10) to fourteen (14).  Some work
is being done to bring in stations from greater distances.  Work continues
to find suitable time/frequency.

Weekly	W.S. No. 19 CW Net.  Time was changed to 20:00 EST to reduce conflicts
with other activities.  Net has evolved into an opportunity for informal discussion
carried out at 15 WPM in Morse code.  Average number of stations participating is
six (6) with range of four (4) to nine (9).

Weekly	W.S. No. 19 Slow Speed Net.  This was started on 24 Aug.  Purpose is develop
Morse skills, especially the skill of copying Morse without writing it down.  NCS
is VE3RIH. (3.703 MHz at 20:00 EST Thursday).

Weekly	"Old Sweats Net".  This is an opportunity for Group members and members
of the general public to have informal discussions on military and vintage radio
matters.  It is nornally run from the Military Communications and Electronics
Museum using the callsign VE3RCS (Royal Canadian Signals/Radar & Communications School).
It operates on 7.060 MHz LSB on Thursday at 10:00 EST.

Website	The Wireless Set No. 19 Website ( continues to
be the primary means for gathering/distributing information about the group
activities.  Good use is also being made of the address for automatic distribution
of material ([email protected]).  Webmaster for the group is Bob Cooke, VE3BDB
(Sigs/Telecom Sect member).

Awards		Certificates for Remembrance Day Sked (VE1NU) and Op "FESSENDEN" (VA3ORP).
Four endorsements for Vintage Operator's Award (AN/GRC-109;  AT-1/AR-2;
W.S. No.19;  1 Tube Tx)

Technical	Developed simple "Dipole Tuning Unit" which allows variometer to be
used with resonate dipole.  Provides for normal tuning indications (measurement of
antenna current).  Also helps reduce any spurious outputs from the 19 Set.

	Some progress in AM voice operations.  Developed modified microphone insert
which gives good output at normal voice levels.

	Further antennae measurements were made leading to better understanding of
variometer use and possible mismatch with various types of antennae.  Some
interesting computer modelling of antennae carried out by W1HIS.

Dave Lawrence VA3ORP

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