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Bibliography of
Published Wireless Set No. 19 Articles
Compiled by Chris Bisaillion, VE3CBK

Articles on the No. 19

"De MK-II 19 Set", A.H.A. Rawie PA0JQ (written in Dutch), Electron, Oct 1966, pp 302-306

"Whiskeytown Wireless Collection", Chris Bisaillion, The Canadian Amateur, April 1990, Front Cover and pp 10-11

"The Number 19 Mark II Transceiver", Walt Hutchens KJ4KV, Electric Radio, Electric Radio in Uniform column, No 22 Feb 1991, pp 4-11

"War Museum No. 19 Set Restoration Project", Chris Bisaillion VE3CBK, Doug Burrill VE3CDC, The Canadian Amateur Radio Magazine, May 1991, Front Cover and pp 6-7

"W.S. 19", David Taylor, Radio Bygones (letter), Aug/Sept 1991 p 29

"The 19 Set Lives On", Dave Lawrence, The Canadian Amateur Radio Magazine, July/Aug 1992, Front Cover and pp 7-9

"A Quartet of Flute Players Under Water", Donald F. Meadows N6DM, Electric Radio, No. 65 Sept 1994 pp 3, 36-37

"What’s a Wireless Set #19, Dad?" Vic Politi W1NU, Fara News, The Dim Past column, April 1995, pp 4-5

"Collecting Military Communications…Museums and Such…", Tony Grogan WA4MRR, Electric Radio, No 92 Dec 1996, pp32-37

"On the Airways with a 19 Set (near the Sharp End in 1944/45)", Reg Bailey (posthumous), Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society Journal, Mercury No 118, Nov 1997, pp 28-30

"A Fireside Chat about the Wireless Set No. 19" Chris Bisaillion VE3CBK, On the Air Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 1 Sept/Oct 1998, Front Cover and pp 8-10

"The 19 Set For Enthusiasts", Jim Cookson, Publication unknown, Date unknown, pp 16-21

Conversion Articles on the No. 19

"Converting the Mark II", Louis H. Hippe W6APQ, Radio Electronics, Nov 1951, pp 85-86,88

"Letters" (Humorous article on how to use a No. 19 MK II as a boat anchor), CQ Magazine, Feb 1957, p 82

"Converting the 19 Set", K.E. Marcus, Practical Wireless, April 1958, pp 102-105

"Converting the 19 Set cont’d" K.E. Marcus, Practical Wireless, May 1958, pp 203-204

"Wireless Set No. 19 MK II, Notes on this Ex-Government Receiver" R.G. Fenby, Practical Wireless, Jan 1960, p 766

"The No. 19 Set, Further Improvements", D.W. Dillon, Practical Wireless, March 1960, pp961-962

"The No. 19 Set, Further Improvements cont’d", D.W. Dillon, Practical Wireless, April 1960, pp1027-1028 "The No. 19 Set, Further Improvements cont’d", D.W. Dillon, Practical Wireless, May 1960, pp45-47

"More About the 19 Set, Conversion of MK III Version as Transceiver for the LF Bands 80/160 M – Modification Details and Circuitry", D.J. Raven, M.Sc., Ph.D (G3TKR), The Shortwave Magazine, March 1969, pp 18-25

"Converting the No. 19 Sets" Sam Kelly W6JTT, CQ Magazine, May 1969, pp 25-28,102

"Improved Performance from the No. 19 Set" Sam Kelly W6JTT, CQ Magazine, June 1970, pages 38 to 40

"Built Like a Tank - The WS #19 Mark II", Dick Sylvan W9CBT, K9YA Telegraph Newsletter, Vol 1, Issue 6, June 2004, Copyright 2004 Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club. On-line subscription:

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