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Subject: Re: FT530 mods wanted!
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Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1992 14:05:55 GMT

This is copied verbatim from the mod sheet I received with my rig...


Expanded Receive 110-180, 300-500 MHz
Expanded Transmit 130-180, 400-470 MHz


o Remove Antenna and Battery.
o Remove four screws on bottom holding battery track.
o Remove the four (black) screws holding rear case.
o Slowly... open the front cover from tranceiver and lay both halves on table.
o Note positioning of white paper insulator in right half of radio and lift out
  (don't throw away)
o Carefully locate Jumper Pad 13 and remove solder.
o Re-install white paper insulator, make sure ground tab slides through the 
  paper insulator.
o Close radio back up (Careful not to pinch the ribbon cable near lithium 
  battery when closing halves).
o Re-install the four (black) screws holding rear case.
o Re-install the four (small silver) screws on bottom holding battery track to
  radio body.
o Attach Antenna and Battery.
o Turn off Radio.... Press and hold both arrow keys while turning on the Radio.
o Modification Complete.

|                      |
|                      |
|                      |
|                      |
|           ---        |
|           | |        |
|           ---       /
|           ---      /
|           | |     /                         2 (|)  (|) 1
|           ---    /                          4 (|)  (|) 3
|                 /  <---  Jumpers are here   6 (|)  (|) 5
|              o /                            8 (|)  (|) 7
-----------------             Blowup --->    10 (|)  (|) 9
                                             12 (|)  (|) 11
                                             14 (|)  (|) 13
                                             16 (|)  (|) 15

In side the rig, it really did not look quite like that ...    more like this:

...  12 (|)  (|) 11 
           (|) 13
      16 (|)  (|) 15

In addition to the published receive expansion, it also receives 800-950 MHz...
trunking radio, cell phone (I would *never* listen to that), 33cm ham band...

Have fun!

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MORE on the FT-530 

Hi my name is Cliff (KG4FYP)

I have just recently finshed modifying my FT-530.  This mod that i am
about to reveal only works on models that have the "green wire " on the
bottom right of the keypad side of the radio.  This mod could be done
by anyone with a set of wire cutters and a small screw driver.  All you
must do remove the 3 long screws from the rear of the radio along with
the one small screw beside the power button then remove the 4 silver
screws along the battery tray and slowly open the radio at this time
you should see the green wire laying on top of the white paper insulator.
CAREFULLY cut this wire and then out the radio back togather. once you
have installed all screws place battery back on tray.  Turn on the radio
while holding the up and down arrows located on the right side of the

Repeat this step again. Once you have powered up the radio twice while
holding the up and down arrows.  Punch in the frequency 154.570 if the
vhf side of the radio will transmit on this frequency than you have done
the mod succesfully.

Congrats and many QSO's


Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM