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The Mexican Federation of Radioexperimentadores, A.C., with the purpose of activating the bands of VHF and UHF but usual in our means, invites the Mexican radio hams to participate in “9º REGIONAL AID VHF-UHF”, subject to the following ones


1. - All the Mexican radio hams with license Will participate in vigor, sent by COFETEL.
2. - OBJECTIVE:  To obtain official notices with the greater number of stations in each 
     organization of the republic in the greater number of Grids Locators and municipalities
     in the bands of 6 and 2 meters and 70 centimeters.  The call will be “CQ AID VHF-UHF”. 
    This aid is state/regional and he will be awarded to whom makes the greater number of points in each State and the D.F.
3. - WAY:  Phon.  The contacts will be exclusively in direct (nonrepeating), in FM or SSB indifferently.
4. - DATE:  It initiates:  18:00 hours UTC of the 26 of May of 2007. It finishes:  24:00 hours UTC of the 27 of May of 2007.
5. - CATEGORIES:    A) Operating monkey High power (100 watts or more)             

                    B) Operating monkey QRP (5 watts maximum)        

                   C) Operating Multi. Group or Radio Club. (Single 100 watts or more)


a) It fixes to the registered address
b) “Expedition” or portable without movement.
c) Rover.


6. - IT REPORTS: When making the contact, will interchange the report of signal RS, the state, the municipality and grid of the participant. Example: XE1AO/p - Sight on-Armory DK-78 writing down in the LOG the name of the organization in been brief form, grid corresponding and the municipality.
7. - AVERAGE ALLOWED: Any mass media are allowed used by a radio ham to put themselves in agreement in what frequency to be. It is prohibited to use cellular telephones.  
8. - POINTS: Contacts in 6 and 2 meters;  and 70 cm. within a same state, 10 POINTS.  With another state 15 points.
9. - MULTIPLYING:  They are grid locators worked in each band. It will count like multiplier the first time that works grid. In case of working a station in different municipalities, if this one is in he himself grid, they will count only the points, not like new grid.  An ample list of grids is in the page of Internet of the FMRE, section AIDS or to ask it the Director of Aids, [email protected]
10. - FINAL RESULT:  It is the sum of points of conducted official notices, multiplied by the sum of multipliers worked in the different bands.
11. - LOGS: They will be used the officials for the Aid, indicating date and hour in UTC, the indicative of the worked station, reports envoy and reports received. State been brief of the worked station, and the multiplier (grid) clearly written and obtained points.  Log and leaf of results it you can obtain with the president of your Association and in the page Web of the FMRE
12. - Log of the aid will be due to send to more taking (postmark of the mail) 30 of June of 2007 a: JOSE LEVY. - XE1J.  Director of Aids FMRE. Clavel 333. It sights on, Col. 28030. By fax to the 01 (312) 3-16-10-53 or email “[email protected]”
13. - PRIZES: DIPLOMA will be given to the three first places of each organization of the republic, as well as to who it has obtained the contact to longer distance in each band.
14. - PENALTY AND DISQUALIFICATION:  50 points by each found repeated station in log will discount. Four repeated seasons come the disqualification. Thus also by logs badly filled and when these do not agree, with the indicative of the worked station.


15. - The results will occur to know in the dominical bulletin and the page of the FMRE.                           [Col. Oct. 28/2006]


Some grids. - D.F. EK-09. Guadalajara DL-80. Tepoztlán EK-08. Leon DL-91. Morelia DK-99. Hermosillo DL-49. Culiacán DL-64. Mexicali DM-22. Aguascalientes DL-81. Mérida EL-50. Cuyutlán DK-78. Pachuca EL-00. Monterrey DL-95. Zacatecas DL-82.

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