Richard Desaulniers

Manufacturers of Misc Peripherals

  1. 3Com (Network Products)
  2. Adaptec (Disk Controllers, Future Domaine Products)
  3. ATI (Video, Modem, Sound and Video Cards)
  4. CD ROM Specification site!
  5. Cisco (Network products)
  6. Conner (Tape backup, Hard Disk drives)
  7. Creative Labs (Multimedia Provider (Sound Blaster and Video Blaster))
  8. Diamond (Multimedia and Video Card)
  9. Exabyte (Tape Drive Manufacturer)
  10. Fujitsu (Printers and Backup Systems)
  11. Hewlett Packard (Micro Computer, Printers, Lasers and Test Equipment)
  12. IBM (You Really Need to Know!)
  13. Kingston (Memory Supplier)
  14. Micropolis (Hard Disk Manufacturer)
  15. Microsoft (Bill's Place!)
  16. NEC (Micro Computers, Monitors and Printers)
  17. Novell (Networking)
  18. Quantum (Hard Drive Manufacturer)
  19. QuaterDeck (Tape Drives)
  20. Reveal (Multimedia Provider)
  21. Seagate (Hard Drives and Controllers)
  22. SMC(Network Cards)
  23. STB (Video Cards)
  24. Supra (Modem and other Communication Products)
  25. TheRef (Great HOME Page for hardware product information and Contact information!)
  26. Trident (Video Cards)
  27. Western Digital (Disk Drives, Controllers and Network Cards)
  28. ZIFF Publications (PC Magazine, PC Week, Computer Shoppers, PC Computing, etc...)

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