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Network Interface card and other Internet Products
Welcome to 3Com
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3Com Software Library
Adapters: Support Tips
Bridges and Routers
Chipcom Index
Customer Support Main Page
InfoDeli - 3ComFacts
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Network Adapter Cards
Network Management
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Remote Access Servers
Repeaters Index
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Terminal Servers
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Acer America Manufacturer of PC.
The Acer Group Home Page


Acer America Product Information
Acer America -- Intel
Software Updates for AcerOPEN Products


AAC: Service and Support
AAC Support: Frequently Asked Questions
AAC Support: Acer Technical Articles
Acer America: Technical Support Request
Acer America: Windows 95 Information
Acer America: Windows 95 Links
Enterprise Systems Support
FTP Site
FTP Site for Servers
Server Support Library


ALR Micro Computers
Advanced Logic Research, Inc.


Product Menu
ALR Upgrades & Peripherals Product Specifications

Technical Support

Service & Support Menu
Technical Support: Memory Charts and Board Layout
Technical Support:Contact Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Flash BIOS File Menu
EISA Configuration Information
ALR Tech Support Request Form
FTP Site


Apple Computer
Apple Support and Information Web
Customer Support Information
Apple Product Information and Product Support
Apple Tech Info Library
Apple Technologies and Research
Apple Developer Services and Products
FTP Site

Aris Micro Computers

Welcome to ARISnet
ARIS Microsystems -- Home Page
ARIS Microsystems -- Product Info
ARIS Microsystems -- Customer Support
Drivers Files
Faq Files
Technical Support Web Site


AST Computer's Home Page
AST Product Information


Frequently Asked Questions Index
AST Support Lines
AST Technical Bulletins Index
AST Software Bulletins Index
AST Technical Support Mailback
AST Support South Africa


NCR Home Page
NCR Computer Products & Information
Products and Services
NCR - NCR: Online Support


Compaq Online
Compaq Online - Newsroom
Compaq Online - Table of Contents

Product Information

Compaq Online - Product Line
Current Desktop Products Information
Current Portable Products Information
Current Server Products Information
Compaq Monitor Information
Current Compaq Options
Compaq Online - Discontinued Products
Compaq Online - Various Product Overviews

Compaq Support

Compaq Online - Service & Support
Faq Files
FaxBack page
FTP Site
Support Files
Technical Publications


Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation
AlphaServer -- Alpha Server Systems
Alpha Workstations -Alphastations
Digital Equipment Corporation, Performance Information
Information Sheets, Index
Products And Services
Product Documentation, Index
Technical Overviews, Index
Training and Support


Welcome to
Dell Computer Corporation Press Releases


Dell Desktop Systems
Dell Latitude systems
Dell PowerEdge Servers


Dell Computer OnLine Services
Welcome to Dell Autotech
Dell Computer Service Parts
DELL Parts Lister
Dell System Upgrades
Dell Computer Technical Support
DellWare Online Catalog
Dell File Library
FTP Site


EPS Technologies, Inc.
EPS Technologies - Evolution Workstation Systems
EPS Technologies - Notebook Systems
EPS Technologies - Customer Service Department
EPS Technologies - Technical Support


Epson America
Epson Products
Epson Product Index
Frequently Asked Questions
FTP Sites
Download Files
Table of Contents
User Groups
Epson User Chat Forums


Everex Systems Incorporated
Everex.... Press Release
Everex Systems Contacts

Everex: Products

Everex.... Products

Everex: Technical Support

Everex.....Service & Support
Everex....Part Number Database
Everex.... Technical File Library

Exabyte Corporation

Exabyte Corporation Home Page
Exabyte Corporation
Exabyte Express
Exabyte Product Index
Exabyte Training '96
File Transfer
Forums and Net Resources
Product Support
Software Compatibility Matrix
Technical Support
The Exabyte FAQ List

Gateway 2000

Welcome to Gateway 2000
Press Releases
The Showroom
Gateway 2000: Desktops
Gateway 2000: Portables
Gateway 2000: Add On
Gateway 2000: Contacts and Mail

Gateway 2000: Support

Gateway 2000: Support Central
Gateway 2000: Mail to Technical Support
Gateway 2000: Technical Support Top 10
Gateway 2000: The Reading Room
Gateway 2000: TroubleShooting
Gateway 2000: FTP Site
Gateway 2000: Windows95 Tips


Hewlett Packard
Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
Access HP - Products
HP Peripherals Directory
HP Printer-Copier Index
HP Fax Index
HP Plotter Index
HP Printer Index
HP Scanner Index
HP Systems Printers
HP Vectra Personal Computer Support
HP T&M Directory
Hewlett Packard SupportLine Services
Access HP - Services and Support
Software and Support


International Business Machines (Big Blue)
IBM Corporation
What we offer
IBM AS/400 Home Page
IBM System/390 Home Page
IBM RISC System/6000 Products & Services
IBM Personal Computer Servers
IBM Personal Computers Home Page
Networking-IBM Networking Home Page
IBM Personal Computer file library
Industry solutions from IBM
Country-specific IBM information


Intel Corporation
Welcome to Intel
Intel Customer Support
Technical Document Index

Micron MicroComputers

Micron, MEI also ZEOS Products
Micron Technology, Inc.


Micron - Product
Micron Electronics Products
Product Info


Micron Electronics -- Technical Support
Micron Electronics Support Information
Micron Electronics Services
Micron Electronics Technical Support File Library
Micron Electronics -- Zeos Support File Library


Bill's Place!
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Support Online
Microsoft Support Online Free Software
Microsoft Support Online Knowledge Base
Microsoft Word Support Options: WordConcept Virus!
Microsoft BackOffice
Microsoft Internet Products
Internet Information Server: iisdocs
Windows 95 - Technical Information and Support

Frank Windows95 Page

Frank Condron's Windows 95 / Windows NT Page
Frank's Windows 95 Software/Drivers Upgrades
Frank's Windows95: News
Franks Windows95: Tips


NEC: Product Information
NEC: Support
NEC: TechBeat


Novell World Wide: Corporate Home Page
Novellr Sales and Marketing
Novell Local-Area Networking Solutions
Novell Education

Novell NetWire

Novell NetWire Home Page
What's New On NetWire.Novell.COM
Novell Product Support Group Home Pages
Novell Technical Services Technical Information Databases
Novell Programs
Novell File Finder
Novell Technical Information Document Submission Form
Novell Gopher Site
Novell FTP Site


Olivetti Welcome
Olivetti WWW Server - Olivetti Press Release
Olivetti WWW Server - Technical Journal
Welcome to Olivetti Personal Computers
Olivetti Personal Computers WWW Server - Product Catalogue : DeskTops
Olivetti Personal Computers WWW Server - Product Catalogue : Portables
Olivetti Personal Computers WWW Server - Product Catalogue : Monitors
Olivetti Personal Computers WWW Server - Product Catalogue : Servers
SNX Relative letterature
Send a Mail to Olivetti
Olivetti Lexikon Welcome
Public DSS WEB Home Page

Packard Bell

Packard Bell
Product Information
Packard Bell Support
Packard Bell Premier Support
Packard Bell's Questions & Answers!
Packard Bell: Tips + Tricks
Packard Bell Phone Support
Windows 95
FTP Site
Packard Bell File Library


Toshiba America Web Page
Toshiba America, Inc.
Toshiba America: What's New?


Toshiba Products
Product Page (Laptops)
Accessories (LapTop)

Technical Supoort

For Part Numbers look in the Product Page for that Specific Product.
Toshiba Technical Service & Support
CSD Index Page
Toshiba Product Support - Frequently Asked Questions
PC Product Support - Computer Specifications
PC Product Support - Computer Specifications (Out of Production Models)
Toshiba Product Support - File Index
FTP Site
Windows95 Help Page

Windows World: - WindowsWorld on the Internet 32-bit Shareware Internet Troubleshooting Peer-to-Peer Networking World Wide Web Browsers

Windows95: Drivers

CD-ROM and Disk Drives
Image Scanners
Network Adapters
Newest Drivers at
SCSI Controllers
Sound and Multimedia Devices
Tape and Other Drive Units
Video Adapters and Monitors 32-bit Hardware Drivers Collection

Windows95: TCP/IP Information

LAN Connection Instructions
LAN Connection with a Single Modem
PPP Connection Instructions
SLIP Connection Instructions Internet TCP/IP Connectivity TCP/IP Setup


Zenith Data Systems
About ZDS
Zenith Data Systems Z-Connect Cyber-Journal
Service and Support
ZDS Model Master Database Parts
Contact Professor Zed
Technical and Product Literature
ZDS Files
Windows 95 Tips & Links
Zenith Data Systems Windowsr 95 Tested and Supported Computers - UPDATE

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