Laser Printer Manufacturers

  1. Apple (Micro Computers and Some Laser Products)
  2. Canon (Manufacturer of Laser Frames)
  3. Data Products (Manufacturer of Lasers, Matrix and Impact Printers)
  4. Epson (Micro Computers, Printers and Lasers)
  5. Fujitsu (Printers and Backup Systems)
  6. Genicom (Manufacturer of Lasers and Matrix Printers)
  7. Hewlett Packard (Micro Computer, Printers, Lasers and Test Equipment)
  8. IBM (You Really Need to Know!)
  9. Lexmark (Printers and Lasers)
  10. Microsoft (Bill's Place!)
  11. Okidata (Printers and Lasers)
  12. Output Technologies Corporation (OTC) (Printers and Lasers)
  13. QMS (Printers and Lasers)
  14. Mannesmann Tally (Manufacturer of Lasers and Matrix Printers)
  15. Toshiba (Printers and Laptops)
  16. Xerox (Lasers and PhotoCopiers)

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