VC3F Special Event Station

QSL Cards Received


Following is a small sampling of QSLs received from stations during the VC3F event in December, 2003.  Click on the thumbnail to see them.  In most cases, three (3) QSLs are displayed on each page.


VC3FQSL1.JPG (155928 bytes)     VC3FQSL2.JPG (190966 bytes)     VC3FQSL3.JPG (203457 bytes)     VC3FQSL4.JPG (158814 bytes)     VC3FQSL5.JPG (175968 bytes)  


VC3FQSL6.JPG (163801 bytes)     VC3FQSL7.JPG (157802 bytes)     VC3FQSL8.JPG (109104 bytes)     VC3FQSL9.JPG (182679 bytes)     VC3FQS10.JPG (209937 bytes)


VC3FQS11.JPG (196075 bytes)     VC3FQS12.JPG (147878 bytes)