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Special Event Archive 2018
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To reduce bandwidth, operations with QSL home call direct or Bureau will not be shown. Example: VP2M/DL7CF QSL H/c (d/B).
However, if the QSL manager is other than DL7CF the information will appear in this list.
Listing is by Calendar Date of operation (Day/Month).
QSL: H/c = Home Call   (d/B) = Direct or Bureau   (d) = Direct Only   (B) = Bureau Preferred
01/01-31/01  4T18PAX: Apostolic visit of Pope Francis QSL OA4O (
01/01-20/01  8J1RL: Syowa Station (NIPR) QSL JG2MLI (d)
01/01-20/01  8J60JARE: 60yrs JA Antarctic Research Expedition QSL Buro
01/01-31/01  EM80I: 80yrs Vladimir Vysotsky QSL
01/01-31/01  GB1GW: The end of World War I QSL GB1GW (
01/01-28/01  GB2KW: founding of KW Electronics QSL LOTW, eQSL
01/01-31/01  GX4BJC/A: ISWL Club Callsign QSL G6XOU (d/B)
01/01-31/01  II0PGP: Commemorating Pier Giorgio Perotto QSL I0KQB (d)
01/01-31/01  II4MXW: To honor James Clerk Maxwell QSL IQ4FE (d/B)
01/01-31/01  LZ1833PSS: All Bulgarian Saints QSL Buro
01/01-31/01  MX1SWL/A: ISWL Club Callsign QSL G6XOU (d/B)
01/01-31/01  PF2018LWD: ECC from Leeuwarden QSL ClubLog OQRS
01/01-31/01  W2D: Celebrating R.L. Drake Company QSL KB2FMH (d)
01/01-31/01  W8D: Celebrating R.L. Drake Company QSL ClubLog OQRS
01/01-28/01  ZS30SRC: 30yrs Secunda A.R.C. QSL
05/01-12/02  8J8SSF: Sapporo Snow Festival QSL JARL Buro
06/01-07/01  GB8KW: Founding of KW Electronics QSL G0UKN, LOTW
14/01-28/01  TM20SLR: Saint Lys Radio station QSL QSL
16/01-06/02  OR4ESA: ESA Redu Ground Station QSL DL0ESA (d/B)
18/01-20/01  HD0DX: Ecuador DX Club QSL
18/01-19/01  KM1CC: Marconi's first transatlantic radio contact QSL d/B
20/01-31/01  CO9KAA: Cuban National Baseball Championship QSL
20/01-05/02  Z60A: Independence of Kosovo QSL OH2BH, ClubLog OQRS
27/01-28/01  OC4MS: Mateo Salado archeological site QSL OA4O (
01/02-28/02  GB1FWW: The end of World War I QSL GB1GW (
01/02-28/02  GX4BJC/A: ISWL Club Callsign QSL G6XOU (d/B)
01/02-28/02  II4HRZ: Heinrich Rudolf Hertz QSL IQ4FE (d/B)
01/02-28/02  LY100A: Independence of Lithuania QSL LY1RMD, LOTW
01/02-28/02  LY100V: Independence of Lithuania QSL Buro
01/02-28/02  LY100Z: Independence of Lithuania QSL LY1RMD, LOTW
01/02-28/02  LZ250MT: Bulgarian Saints QSL Buro
01/02-28/02  MX1SWL/A: ISWL Club Callsign QSL G6XOU (d/B)
01/02-09/03  PA2018BP: Thinking Day On The Air QSL PA3EFR (d/B)
01/02-28/02  PF2018SNK: 11 Cities Marathon (ECC) QSL ClubLog OQRS
01/02-28/02  PI40FL: 40yrs Veron clubstation FlevoLand PI4FL QSL PA3HEB (d/B)
03/02        K3HWJ: Ground Hog Day QSL direct [C]
10/02-04/03  PA6ANT: 15th AAW WAP-221 QSL PA3FOE (d/B)
11/02-26/02  TM6C: Carnaval de Dunkerque QSL F6KMB (d/B)
15/02-28/02  9K57NLD: National Liberation Day QSL ClubLog OQRS
17/02-25/02  IP2ANT: 15th AAW WAP-212 QSL IK2QPR (d/B)
17/02-25/02  IR1ANT: 15th AAW WAP-002 QSL I1HYW (d/B)
17/02-25/02  IR4ANT: 15th AAW WAP-274 QSL IU4DDT (d)
17/02-25/02  OE15AAW: 15th AAW QSL WAP-284 OE3DMA (d/B)
17/02-25/02  OE88WAP: 15th AAW WAP-088 QSL OE3KKA (d/B)
17/02-25/02  OE90AAW: 15th AAW WAP-090 QSL OE3SGA (d/B)
17/02-25/02  ON15ANT: 15th AAW WAP-287 QSL ON7ZM (d/B)
17/02-25/02  TM15AAW: 15th AAW WAP 285 QSL F8DVD (d/B)
17/02-25/02  TM18ATS: 15th AAW WAP-282 QSL F8ATS (d/B)
17/02-25/02  VK2ANT: 15th AAW WAP-232 QSL VK2FR (d)
24/02-04/03  AO3MWC: Mobile World Congress QSL Buro
15/03-19/03  AU2ODI: East India Ham Meet Odisha QSL VU2GIN
15/03-21/03  EH3DWN: World Down Syndrome Day QSL LOTW,
16/03-18/03  GB1SPD: Saint Patrick's Day QSL Buro
16/03-18/03  GB5SPD: Saint Patrick's Day QSL Buro
16/03-18/03  GB9SPD: Saint Patrick's Day QSL Buro
17/03-21/03  6E3MAYA: Mayan archaeological sites QSL XE3N (