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Island Awards
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ABIA - All Baltic Islands Award  SP5PB
ACIA - All Croatian Islands Award  9A7K
ACIA - Croatian Islands List  .zip file download
ACIA to IOCA Cross Reference List  .zip file download
ACIAG - All Croatian Islands Award Group  9A7K
AKA - Archipelago of Karlskrona Award  Sweden
Antarctic Awards
Australian Awards
BIA - Baikal Islands Award  Russia - Russian language
BIA - Baikal Islands Award Official Web Site
BIA - Balearic Islands List
BIA - Belarussian Islands Award  Russia
BIA - Belarussian Islands List
BIA - Bornholm Island Award  Denmark
Bird of Paradise Award  Papua New Guinea
Campania Island Award  Top Radio Team
CIA - Croatia Islands Award  Croatian IOTA Hunters Group
CIA - Islands List
CIRA - Croatian IOTA Reference Award  Croatian IOTA Hunters Group
CIsA - Canadian Islands & Award Program
CLIA - Calabria Islands Award
CLIA - Calabria Islands List
Cuban Awards
DCA - Azorean Counties Award
DDIA - Azorean Islands Diploma
DIA - Danish Island Award  DDXG Danish DX Group - Rules & Island list
DIA - Resident Danish Island Stations
D.I.A. - Diploma das Ilhas do Algarve (Algarve Islands Award)  Algarve S.T.A.R. DX Team
DIB - Brazilian Islands Award
DIC - Campania Island Award
DICE - Chilean Islands Award
DICE - Chilean Islands List
DID/GIA - German Islands Award
DID/GIA - German Islands List
DIE - Danube Islands Explorer Award
DIE - Spanish Islands Award  EA5OL
DIE - Spanish Islands List  EA5OL
DIEI - Spanish Interior Islands Award  EA5OL
DIEI - Islands List  EA5OL
DIFI - French Inland Islands Award
DIFM - French Islands Award
DIFM - French Island List
DIFO - French Overseas Island Award
DIFO - Activity Listing  Past operations
DIFO Challenge Results
DIFO - Islands List
DIFO - Rules - English Language
DIFO - Rules - French Language
DIM - Islands of Morbihan Award
DIM - Morbihan Islands List
DIP - Portuguese Islands Award  Rules, includes islands list
Diplôme de Corse  Corsica
Diploma dos Concelhos Açoreanos  Azores
Diploma Tabarca  Spain
D.I.V. - Venezuela Islands Award  Radio Club Venezolano
DNIP - Deutsches Nordsee Insel Diplom  German North Sea Islands Award
Five Argentine Islands Award
FJL - Franz Josef Land Award
Floral Pageant 40/80 Award  Bermuda
Galapagos Islands "HC8/HD8 DX Diploma"
Geoff Watts Memorial Award  International Short Wave League
GIA - Greek Islands Award  Radio Amateur Association of Greece (RAAG)
GIOTA - Greek Islands On The Air Award Program
Greek Islands List (IOTA)  by SV2AEL
Greenland Award
IAN - Isole dell Arcipelago Napoletano  Italy
IBS - Islands of the Baltic Sea  Russia
Iceland on Six Meters Award  Icelandic Radio Amateurs
IDEA - Islas de Espana  Spain
IDES - Placa dos Imperios do Divino Espirito Santo  'Holy Spirit Chapels Plaque' (Azorian Chapels)
IIA - Ionian Islands Award  Greece
Irish islands Award
IIA - Italian Island Award
IIA - Italian Islands Award Directory  Includes ex-IIA, IOTA and WAIP references
IIA - Italian Islands Award Rules  English Language, includes application form
ILG - Isole della Laguna di Grado Award  by ARI Grado
ILIA - Italian Lake Islands Award
ILIA - Italian Lake Islands List
ILIA - Italian Lake Islands Award Rules
I.I.S.A. - Italian Islands Summer Activity  0000z 21 June - 2400z 21 September 2010
IOCA - Islands of Croatia Award
IOCA List of Islands  Alphabetical order
IOCA List of Islands  By CI number
IOPA - Islands On PSK Awards  European PSK Club
IOSA - Islands of Scotland Award  GMDX Group
IOSA - Directory - Rules
IOSA - Islands List
IOTA Authorized Checkpoints
IOTA Groups Antarctica
IOW - Islands Of The World
ÍRA JOTA Award  Icelandic Radio Amateurs
ÍRA Zone 40 Award  Icelandic Radio Amateurs
ÍRA 50 Years Award  Icelandic Radio Amateurs
ÍRAA - Icelandic Radio Amateurs Award
ISC - Islands of Spain Certificate
Islands of Grado's Lagoon Award  ARI Grado
Isle of Man Activity Week Award  14 I.O.M. areas
ISL-Z-15 - Islands of Zone 15 Award  Poland
ISN - EA Interior Islands Award Program  Official Website
ISN - EA Interior Islands List
IWDR - Islands of West Dvina River Award  Includes islands list
JIA - Japan Island Award  JARL Tsushima Club
JIA - Japan Islands List
JIIA - Japanese IOTA Islands Award
JIIA - Japanese IOTA Islands Award Checkpoints
JIIA - Japanese IOTA Islands Award Ranking  Update June 28, 2005
Karelian Islands Award
LIA - Ligurian Islands Award
Lion City Award  SARTS - Singapore
LMA - Lake Maggiore Award  Italy
MIA - Mediterranean Islands Award
Mediterranean Islands Trophy
MIA - Minor Islands Award  NZART
New Zealand Awards
Nusantara Indonesian Islands Award  Indonesia Islands Hunter Group (IIHG)
PAA - Pontinian Archipelago Award  Includes list of islands
PIP - Portuguese Islands Plaque
PRIA - Puerto Rico Islands Award  Puerto Rico
Principado de Asturias - Medalla DIE  Spain
RIIA - Russian Internal Islands Award
RIIA - Russian Internal Islands Award Island List
RRA - Russian Robinson (Islands) Award
RRA - Russian Robinson Award Checkpoint Stations
RRA - Russian Robinson Award Database  Very useful for finding RR #'s (80KB zip Excel 2003 file)
RRA - Russian Robinson Award Island List
SCF - Capri Island Award
SCOTIA - Scottish Island Award
SCOTIA - Scottish Island Award Details
SCOTIA - Scottish Island List
SIA - Salento Islands Award  ARI Lecce
SIA - Sicilian Islands Award .pdf file  ARI Siracusa
SIA - Sicilian Islands List
SIP - Salerno Islands Plaque
SPIA - Polish Islands Award  includes list of islands
SSIA - Stars and Stripes Island Award  USA
SWA - Salt Water Award  Sweden
TAIA - Toscano Archipelago Award  Italy
The Aruba Award
The Fiftieth Anniversary of The Republic of Iceland Award
The Iceland Award
TIA - The Islands Award  Venezuela
UIA - Ukrainian Islands Award  Includes islands list
USi - U.S.A. Islands & Award Program
VIFU - Venetian Islands For UNICEF Award  Venice Islanders Team
VINETA - Islands Hopper Club Award  IHC
VK-Islands-Award  Brave Radio Friends
VP9DL DX Award  Bermuda
VP9GE 10/15 Award  Bermuda
W12IA - Worked 12 Islands Award  North America - Paper Chaser Delight Program
WAB CIA - Worked All Britain Channel Islands Award
WAB IOM - Worked All Britain Isle of Man Award
WAB ISL - Worked All Britain Islands Award
WABA - Worked All Bermuda Award
WACS - Worked All Caribbean Sea Plaque
W.A.KEY - Worked All Keys Award  Florida Keys ARC
WAOI - Worked All Orkney Islands  Orkney ARC
WAOP - Worked All Orkney Parishes  Orkney ARC
WGA21 - Worked Gotland Award  Island of Gotland - available to SWLs
WIA - Wadden Islands Award  Nederlands
WKI - Worked Kazakhstan Islands Award  Russian language
Worked 100 VP9 Award  Bermuda
Worked Danube islands Award
World Robinson Award & World Robinson Trophy
World Robinson Cup (WRC Marathon)  Russian Robinson Club
W-RRC-A - Worked RRC Members Award
ZC Award  Cyprus  .pdf file
3IA - 3 Islands Award  Spain
10IA - 10 Islands Award  Japan - Mitsumura-Tosho RC
20 Anos Award  Azores - 20 Years of the U.R.A.

DIFO Islands List  * 5Kb zip file download
DIFO Log CHECK v1.0  * 68Kb zip file download (Excel application)
DIFO Rules (English)  * 2Kb zip file download
DIFO Rules (French)  * 2Kb zip file download
ILIA - Official Software  Ver 1.1, from Crazy DX Group - 804 Kb
ILIA - Official Software  Ver 1.0 for DOS/WIN - * zip file download, from 425DXN
W8TTS's Amateur Radio Awards Page - -
Ted, W8TTS, has put together a page that contains links to download certain amateur radio awards files (ARLHS, CISA, IOSA, and USI) in either the format required by DX4WIN or in a text delimited format.