Why we use trailer plugs?

Why do we use trailer plugs and not Anderson PowerPoles?

  1. PowerPoles are difficult to assemble and crimp tongues are often ruined when installing, especially when done in the field.
  2. PowerPoles are not available at local Canadian Tire Stores and Walmart.
  3. Trailer plugs are weather resistant.
  4. PowerPoles require up to 3 different types of tongues (15, 30, 45 Amp types).
  5. Trailer plugs can be added in the field with only a pocket knife and black tape as tools.
  6. Trailer plugs can be reused.
  7. Soldered wire connections are better than crimp.
  8. Several other ARES and other local organizations use the trailer plug even though they may not (yet) be a standard for them.

Some of our members do have adapters (trailer plug to PowerPole) to allow inter-operation with ARES groups who choose the PowerPole.