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Updated November 4 2007


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This is an index of applications and utilities I've found for the Palm Computing Connected Organizers that might be of interest to Amateur Radio operators. Many of these are written specifically for the Amateur Radio community.

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New Additions

Morse for the Palm O/S

Morse for Palm OS is the perfect program for anyone who wants to learn Morse 
Code or just increase their speed. With over a dozen lessons, Morse makes 
learning Morse Code easy and fun. Each lesson has been designed to help you 
learn Morse Code as quickly as possible while ensuring your success. 
 Developed by Thomas G. Ferguson, W1TGF

RLC for the Palm O/S

RLC for Palm OS is a tool for identifying and determining the value of various 
electronic components including: Air-Core coils, Capacitors, Inductors, 
Resistors, Surface Mount components, Toroids.  RLC also converts between 
different unit prefixes for Farads, Henries, and Ohms.R
Developed by Thomas G. Ferguson, W1TGF

Grid Square for the Palm O/S

Grid Square for Palm OS calculates the Maidenhead Grid Square for a given 
latitude and longitude. Developed by Thomas G. Ferguson, W1TGF


PalmProp is a software for Palm Os dedicated to the forecast of HF radio wave propagation.
It is technically based on the algorithm used by MiniFTZ4 (developed under DOS in the 90's) and on other concepts taken in both the ham radio and the specialized bibliography.
PalmProp is 10 euros shareware, the required information for the registration is available in the provided help file.
 Developed by Gilles, F5HLA

GL Distance / Bearing Program


The program computes the distance and bearing between two locations. Many location formats work. favourite locations can be saved in Memo Pad and recalled into the program

 Developed by Rex Allers KK6MK

abc Morse

Want to learn Morse code? Or just play around with it? Then check out these screen shots! Cool features? Naturally, when dealing with a 100+ year old communication technology, there's a limit on what one can consider 'cool'. But we gave it our best shot!

 Developed by Anders Green KI4IWX

KB6IBB Utilities Version 1.0

KB6IBB Utilities is designed for the ham radio operator or radio scanner hobbyist. It houses four databases that organize your frequency lists.
  • EDACS Trunk - A database that houses the entire EDACS ID table.
  • Conventional - A database that does things the old fashioned way. Organizes your    frequency lists by radio channel number.
  • Radio Call Log - Houses a 25 record database that allows the user to log calls or take notes.
  • Ham Radio Repeaters - A database that houses your favourite ham radio repeaters.
  • Swap data with your friends at club meetings. off to your friends at the club meetings.
  • Ideal for those that travel. An RV'ers must have!
  • Ham Radio Reference 2006

    Developed for PalmŪ using NS BasicŪ . This is Freeware available for all to enjoy. Please read User License Agreement. Developed by Joe Lauben KB7AVT


    PocketBeacon PocketBeacon displays a real-time list of the last, current and next NCDXF/IARU HF beacon scheduled to transmit on the selected band and updates this list every ten seconds as the transmitting station changes.
    PalmGlobe Displays one hemisphere of the earth from any location. Can also display the greyline, and measure the distance between two points on the globe. It does not do a great circle projection.
    EarthTime This program graphically shows world time zones and their corresponding times (Mercator projection.) Because of extensive city and country databases, this program has a very large footprint.
    SunFN SunFN adds several functions to the RPN Calculator that allow it to compute the time of Sun Rise and Sun Set for a location. SunFN handles the polar and high latitude cases where the Sun may not rise or set on a day.
    DistanceFN DistanceFN allows you to calculate the distance between two points on the surface of the earth given their latitude and longitude by adding 6 functions to the RPN Calculator. The answer is returned in Kilometers, but there is a conversion button to convert to statute miles.
    Sol! II Sol! II computes Sun Rise, Sun Set, Day Length, start and end of Civil, Nautical, and Astronomical Twilight, and the length of day with twilight times added for any location on the planet.
    DX Prefixes World DX prefixes for Ham radio. (J File required)
    City Information Worldwide City Information reference.  (TealInfo required)
    WWPlug World Wide Plug and outlet configurations for DXpeditions or overseas travellers.




    LTT Log A general-purpose logging program that stores callsign, time, date, and other pertinent information.
    HF Radio Logger A general-purpose logging program that stores callsign, time, date, and other pertinent information. By Tom Hood NW7US
    AmRLog A special-purpose  logging program for  Mobile VHF /UHF  contacts. By Timothy Trimble KC6AAB
    HamPilot 2.21 A shareware logging program that stores callsign, time, date, etc.. By Christopher Williams.
    Palm Radio Log  link Hi Jacked Shareware logging program  by Mark A. Andrews KE4IOF. Registered version ($9.95 US) gives a companion Windows program for producing logs compatible with ARRL Cabrillo format.
    County Tracker link Hi Jacked Shareware program  by Mark A. Andrews KE4IOF. Registered version ($9.95 US)
    Band Plan link Hi Jacked Shareware program  by Mark A. Andrews KE4IOF. Freeware
    Ham Profile The database is not a logging program. It is intended to collect information about the
    HAMs that you know. By David C. Reussow KC2DQS. (HandDBase required)
    QSO Diary Logging program by Ray G4FON
    PortaLog Logging program from HamHeld Software .  By Jim Gelbort N9WW
    QSO - 73 Logging Program from Handi Q. By Bill KD7SPC
    Mini Log MiniLog is a very basic electronic amateur radio contact log.
    It is intended for small-scale use, such as back-packing and emergency setups. By Dean Gilbert KC8HEQ
    NLog 19 seperate fields for detailed records Stores thousands of records (3500 per MB of storage space) Find records quickly using the PDA's built in search engine User customizable fields Beam records to other handhelds View multiple records at once Print records to you IR printer Great for shortwave listening. Authors site  By Don Kirby N2MCB
    PortaLog PortaLog - general purpose logging software for
    Palm OSŪ handheld computers - is being downloaded by amateur radio
    operators around the world. PortaLog is optimized for mobile, portable, and field
    operations; and uses ADIF to smoothly synchronize with most popular ham
    radio desktop log applications. At work, on the road, visiting friends, or on
    vacation - you will always have your logbook handy.
    By Jim Gelbort W9TO



    Homebrew and Building

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    Circuits Information 1.2 Circuit diagrams, chip pinouts, usefull tables many formulas and other information usefull to electronics professionals
    Electrist 1.5 The Palm Pilot Calculator for electrical and electronic circuits that works the way you do.   By Patrick Griffin
    Resistor Calculator Resistor code calculator for reading color-coded bands on axial resistors. (TealInfo required)
    Resistor Calculator

    (Ver 2.1)

    Developed for PalmŪ using NS BasicŪ . This is Freeware available for all to enjoy. Please read User License Agreement. Application Calculates values for 4, 5, or 6 band resistors. Developed by Joe Lauben KB7AVT
    Tone Generator Utility


    Audio tone generator. Generates single frequency, sequenced, sweeping up or sweeping down audio frequencies, adjustable duration and volume. Possible uses: - audio circuit testing, PC sound card / DSP testing, effect generator, and tuning of musical instruments. Developed by Joe Lauben KB7AVT




    ITU Prefix List A list of the prefixes assigned by the International Telecommunications Union for the Amateur Radio Service. (DOC required)
    DXCC List A list of the entities in the DX Century Club. (JFile required)
    FCC/VEC Amateur radio question pools for Technician, General and Extra  class licences (DOC required)
    Callsign 2.0 Callsign Database by KC0EZH    Note: This .pqa file is for Palm VII only
    Linux for Hams A Linux how to for Hams (iSilo required)
    MobileDB Database reader program
    FT-817 Manual On a Yahoo Groups site by Jim Fielden KU4QW . Register for access to the group 
    Ten Codes Used by Okaloosa County Florida Sheriff     (TealInfo required)
    Amateur Radio  Study Guides Technician & Extra Study Guides $15.00 US (Quizzler required)
    FT-817 Manual Manual for the great little Yaesu rig. Requires Plucker. Written by Paul  VE3UUM
    VX 7 -R Reference Notes on how to use the VX-7R   HandDBase Users By David C. Reussow KC2DQS
    Eggs Ham EggsHam is a PalmOS application that generates (and grades) practice amateur radio licensing exams. It is for people interested in obtaining an amateur radio license in the US, who want to practice for the Technician, General, or Extra written exam.
    Bridget Spitznagel has built EggsHam as a freeware program.
    Canadian Call DB  Files for each Province & Ontario Cities. Requires Smart List By Chuck Wilson VE3IUO



    Morse Code

    SMorse Simple morse code sender. Sends code on the built-in speaker at 1-80 WPM. Higher speeds are sloppy because of the 10 msec resolution of the internal timer.
    Morse Code Morse list database by Eric Backus (LIST required)
    DotDash DotDash is a morse trainer for the Palm Pilot with features such as "Train Random Words", "Learn Alphabet", recognize random abbreviations, different speed settings, morse text as you write etc..
    Morse Code Guide by Kathy Burns
    Morse Code & Phonetic Alphabet Morse Code  and Phonetic Alphabet documents (DOC required)
    Morse Pilot 3.5 Can send from a textbox, memo, groups, or graffiti. Contains a list of Q signals.

    Written by Dafydd Gibbon. Great code learning tool (Updated 17/June/04)

    Morse Trainer A program to learn the morse code. You can practice with groups of 5, q-groups, common abbreviations or get text from memopad, clipboard or lessons.By Axel Fischer
    Smart Morse Smart Morse is a Morse code tutoring program. The main feature that separates Smart Morse from other programs of this nature is the fact that this program learns about you as you practice. It takes note of which letters you're struggling with and which ones you know well. It then focuses more attention on your problem
    areas while still continuing to practice the others.
    By Tyler Larson




    pocketAPRS pocketAPRS captures the major APRS system functions in a package which comfortably fits in a shirt pocket. Supposedly runs only on PalmOS 3.0 and higher.
    Pilot VT100 Pilot VT100 is a simple terminal emulator. It uses a very small fixed-sized font (3x5 character cells) and provides a 40x24 character screen. There are also buttons for escape (ESC) and control (CTL).

    Online is a VT100/ANSI terminal emulator and Telnet client for Palm OS organizers. Connect to Unix systems, configure routers and reprogram embedded computers. Then use Hex mode and extensive logging options turn your handheld into a data stream analyzer and recorder. With CS Online you can leave the laptop behind! When you see all the features CS Online has you'll know why we call it the Serial Data Power Tool™!

    ptelnet 0.6 ptelnet is a powerful communication software for the Palm Computing platform. By using the built-in TCP/IP stack (telnet mode), it acts as a Telnet Client. By accessing the serial (RS232 or IR) port directly (serial mode), it acts as a standard Terminal Emulator. And best of all, ptelnet is FREE! By Marcio Migueletto de Andrade.



    Radio Control Software

    Yaesu FT-817 Controller Palm OS Controller for the FT-817 Transceiver - Installation and Operating Instructions   by Ryan Stapleton, KA3WUT
    Bearcat 245xlt Controller Palm OS Controller for the Uniden Bearcat BC245xlt Scanner
    Bearcat 780xlt Controller Palm OS Controller for the Uniden Bearcat BC780xlt Scanner
    FT-817 Control QRGDB for the Yaesu FT-817 CAT interface by Martin DH3JO.
    817 Pad for Palm This software allows any PalmOS 3.5 PDA to take complete control of the FT817 rig. By Matteo Campanella IZ2EEQ


    VHF / UHF / & Weak Signal

    BD Computes the bearing and distance between any two six-digit Maidenhead grid squares. Requires PocketC which is included in the .zip
    10G_log A special-purpose contest logging program for the ARRL 10GHz Cumulative Contest. Requires PocketC.
    MoonFN MoonFN adds 9 functions to the RPN Calculator for calculating the Age of the Moon in Days, its Percent Illumination and the Phase of the Moon.
    VX5-R Crib Sheet A version of the VX5 cheat sheet by N1KDO converted for Palm users by Peter K. Hodgson VA3PKH.   (HandDBase required)
    VX5-R Manual  PLUS VX5-R  Owners manual plus extra information. By Andrey Stoev KB1FZA. Requires TealInfo (included in the ZIP file)
    VX1-R Command reference A Command Reference for the VX-1R by N5SVZ. This is a 4K file in DOC format that can be read with many document readers.
    Palm Track Realtime Moon Sun and Celestial Noise Source Tracking for Moon Bouncers by GM4JJJ
    Doppler RDF Doppler RDF Display for Palm . Use with Doppler DF kits from WB6EYV





    PocketSat + Great new satellite tracking program .  By Jim Berry
    pSatellite This is a satellite tracking programme that handles LEO and GEO sats. Written by A. Fischer
    PocketSat PocketSat is an application that allows you to predict when satellites will be visible in your location.
    NASA.pdb These are the AMSAT Keplerian elements converted to .pdb files. Updated weekly on the PocketSat site.
    Keplerian Elements These are the Keplerian elements converted to .pdb files. By Alain DeCarolis IZ6BYY.


    Scanning / Repeaters

    Seattle Seattle WA scanner frequency database. (JFile required)
    FAA FAA  ASOS/AWOS Frequency & Phone List.By S. Aughinbaugh (Mobile DB required)
    Houston Houston Repeater Directory (Mobile DB required)
    Arizona 2 M Arizona 2 metre repeaters. By Spence Whilhelm  (JFile required)
    Arizona 70 CM Arizona 70 centimetre repeaters. By Spence Whilhelm (JFile required)
    Monroe County Monroe County New York Public Safety Frequencies. (HandDBase required)
    FRS MURS Info. Frequency listings for FRS , MURS , NOAA By Phillip Yanov (TealInfo required)
    Scanner DB Scanner Frequency Database. By John L. Gianotti W9WY (HandDBase required)
    Ohio Repeaters Ohio Repeater Database for (Mobile DB required) from Naseef Abukamail
    UK Repeaters Repeaters in the UK listed by Region / Location  For HandDBase Users  By Peter VA3PKH
    SFO Repeaters Repeater directory for San Francisco For HandDBase Users              By Rey KB6REY
    Freq Trac Pro Application Description:
    Frequency tracker for scanner enthusiasts and hams etc. Tracks:Frequency,Name,
    Tone, Mode, Service, Channel, Custom Categories, Last Date Monitored Export to Memo or Doc! Memory Card Support. By
    SkYYDoGG Software



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