Hastings County


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Emergency Coordinator Peter K. Hodgson VE3UR (613) 962-1386

Group 5 Marmora Area

Assistant Coordinator
Peter Blakely VA3PGB
Susan Blakely VA3PWS
Joe Davidson VA3JAD
Paul Davidson VE3UUM
Morris McCaul VA3MEM

Group 6  Napanee - Deseronto

Assistant Coordinator 
Eric Reid VE3GSI
Marlene Reid VE3HBR
Ron Hewitt VE3KBP
Reg Jones VE3IWB
Neville Prouse VE3IWN

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If you would like to join HASTINGS COUNTY A.R.E.S. ONLINE

go to Trent District ARES

or contact:

Peter Hodgson at 613 - 962 - 1386

Email: ve3ur@rac.ca

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