Hastings County


Emergency Coordinator Peter K. Hodgson VE3UR (613)-962-1386

Kiwanis Cribbage Tour October 2 2004




 Post courtesy of VA3KRV   

The Command




Greg VE3CH and Keith VA3KRV                         Tim VE3UO and a race official discuss route

in the Command Post


The OPP lead car leaves the start                                                Competitors discuss strategy                     

Race Organizers and OPP at start                                            The race begins

Special thanks to those who made it happen:

The Prince Edward Radio Club for the use of VE3TJU

Doug VE3ZDG (the main man, and Chief Marshall's shadow)

and all who ran control vehicles:

Greg VE3CH Net Control

Keith VA3KRV Asst. Net Control

Scott VE3HZZ Pre Ride Mobile 1 100 k.m. ride

Al VE3LAW Pre Ride Mobile 2 50 k.m. ride

Mike VE3VMP Pre Ride Mobile 3 25k.m. ride

Tim VE3UO Sweep Mobile 4 100 k.m. ride

Rod VE3RXE Sweep Mobile 5 50 k.m. ride

Drew VE3UIN Sweep Mobile 6 25 k.m. ride

Peter VE3UR Reserve Mobile 7

Ron VE3IVC Reserve Mobile 8

Mike VE3ADC Reserve Mobile 9

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