V73SIX/B updated 11 Sep 2017
50.0120 MHz

Power supply replaced 6 Aug 2014

V73TEN/B updated 11 Sept 2017
28.298 MHz

Kwajalein Atoll - Marshall Islands
on the island of

9° 23' 47" N
167° 28' 30" E

IOTA OC-028 (Ralik Chain)
Grid Square RJ39rj

V73SIX/B and V73TEN/B are located on Roi-Namur on the northern tip of Kwajalein Atoll.

Thanks to:
N3DB, K3TKJ, W3JCT, KB3IWV for providing the V73SIX radio.

V73SIX Transmitter: Motorola Maxar with internal keyer
Power: ~40W
Antenna: Stacked HO Loops

V73TEN Transmitter: RadioShack HTX-100 with external XT-4 keyer
Power: ~25W
Antenna: Ringo vertical


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