Utah APRS User's Group

Utah APRS User's Group

Welcome to our website. Here you will find some information about the Amateur Packet Reporting System (APRS©) and how it is used in Utah. You will find frequencies, people involved in organizing the APRS network in Utah and other items. We are starting in Salt Lake City, but are actively looking for help in establishing full-time sites throughtout the state. If you would like to participate, please contact Tom Schaefer, NY4I via email or by phone at 801-501-0899


Our objectives are as follows:
  1. Help as many hams as possible experience the excitment of APRS
  2. Enhance our statewide APRS Network with the help of our members
  3. Show the public service agencies how valuable APRS can be in a disaster
  4. Have Fun!!!


Membership in the Utah APRS User's Group is open to all. There is no membership fee. All information is sent using this website and/or email. Please make sure you supply your email address when registering. If you would like to register, please click here to send an email.

Weekly Net

Currently, we hold a voice net on the 146.62- repeater in Salt Lake ("wide" coverage). The net starts at 8:00 PM on Sunday nights. If you are interested in APRS, please check in.

How do I get started in APRS?

Great question! While there are loads of sites on the WWW that talk about APRS. I thought I would start things off by going through my thought process when I first started. First, you need the software. The best place to get the latest software is right here! Just click on our software link to get the latest APRS software. But, before you go there...You need to decide what software you need. The easiest way to look at APRS is via the Internet. Since you are looking at this page, I will assume you have Internet access. You can look at a system that will show you hams around the area with minimal effort. Go take a look at www.aprs.net. Go ahead, we'll wait... Now, I hope you saw a map with some information on it. That map is real-time inmformation showing where people are right now.

Utah APRS Mailing List

In order to keep everyone in touch with others in the group, we have a mailing list via email. To subscribe to the list, just send email to utahaprs-subscribe@onelist.com

APRS Software


In this section you will find special "setup" programs that allow for an easier installation of the APRS program. Currently, we now only have the WinAPRS 2.2.7 Floppy version This allows easy distribution at club meetings, etc. Download the zip file and extract it to a directory (You will need WinZIP for this procedure). Then, copy the file called SETUP.EXE on to one floppy disk, and the file called SETUP.W02 to the second disk. You can then just copy these two disks for easy distribution.
To download the single ZIP file with both files, click on the following link: waprsset.zip
Please note that this installation is done by the Utah APRS User's Group. Please do not bother the authors of WinAPRS with questions about this setup program. Setup questions can be directed to utahaprs@qsl.net.

Other APRS Software

For any additional APRS software, please see www.tapr.org.
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