Welcome to the Touraine Contest group


Here is the website of our team. We are located all around Tours, a city located at 250 Km south from Paris, crossed by the Loire and Cher River. We are trying to having fun, but not only during the contests. We are much more than a group of operators, we are friends and we can counts on the others at any moment, that's a much more important point than any other. Since a couple of years, we are trying to enter in the main contests with our field day station because we don't have yet found a place to build our super station. We have most of the equipement, radios, antennas, rotors, QRO amplifiers, towers and a lot of ideas but no space..... that's our main problem !


Anyway, we can't wait to have a place to start operating so, we are doing our best with our portable station, and, when all is fine, we can reach some good scores. See you on the air !!!!

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