A Short Notice

The web pages shown here are a result of an effort to develop a web site that included text, graphics and a database. At the time of the project there was no existing application to pilot this effort with. I had compiled a database of TenTec model numbers for my own use bringing together lists from a couple of other local hams, particularly Puck Motley, W4PM (then N4ND). That database along with some pictures and spec sheets I had formed the basis of the data content of the site.

The site was stumbled upon by other hams (I guess as a result of some search engine and/or word of mouth). We have never discouraged or restricted access but have not made any attempt to advertise or profit from the site. TenTec was politely asked for (an agreed to) permission to use the pictures, ads and spec sheets since we assumed that they were copyrighted material. As TenTec fans discovered the site they have sent us additional data that we added when time was available or as we needed additional data to satisfy some kind of test. We have always tried to give credit for the data to those who have provided it.

The technologies applied to this test bed of data has formed the basis for several web sites hosted on this server. The original web site was HTML code generated by hand through a text editor. Frames and menus were added later as well as HTML code generated from a database query and HTML code that is automatically updated as data is changed (the focus of the most current project).

Quite honestly the importance of this test bed has decreased as other sites were brought on-line using the learned technologies. We are "sorta" half-heartedly looking for a site to host the data we have gathered. We would be happy to continue to maintain the site on a time available basis. Currently the site is going to be used to test the viability of publishing PDF and WORD documents. This will probably be the end of the changes to this site since our focus will be changing to Electronic Commerce.