Paragon QRP Mod

Here is a quick and easy mod that will allow owners of the Paragon 585 to operate with power outputs in the true QRP range of 5 watts or less. (The Paragon was designed to permit power outputs from 25 to 100 watts). This mod will, in fact, allow power outputs of less than 1 watt without affecting the maximum power output of 100 watts.

A Ten_Tec service rep provided me this mod over the telephone some time ago when I expressed an interest in running "Cadillac QRP".

On the second mixer board, locate and change R44 from 100K to 10K. On the same board, locate R47 and readjust it for 100 watts output with the front panel RF Power knob fully clockwise. That's all there is to it.

73, Don, K5KW