Virtual Flea Market

I am trying to clean out the shack, and have some VHF/UHF radios that I would like to sell.

All are working fine and come with mounting brackets, mics, manuals, etc. Also have the electronic manuals which I can email. (I think!)

IC2710H  50W 144 Mhz, 35W 440 Mhz   Asking $200

IC2350H  50W  144Mhz  35W 440 Mhz  Asking $200

IC229H  50W 144 Mhz only. Has a Heil handheld microphone which was made for the ICOM radios. Asking $150

Maybe some of the new hams are looking for a good radio, of course they are as is, with no warranty, but they are working, and I can demonstrate them prior to sale.

If you could send this out to the club list, would appreciate it.

They can contact me at, or

Dick, K3VYY






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