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My name is Jasmin Kolar. I was born in October, 30th 1967. I live at Vratnik, old part of Sarajevo. 

I became Ham Radio at 1981, as a member  of Radio Club "Mladost" Sarajevo, T91AAW (ex YU4AAW). When I passed exam for amateur radio operator "C" class, examiners were: Djemo Sijercic T98S (ex YU4LL), Salko Hukelic T91A (ex YU4TN, 4N4AA) and Hamo Gutic T92A (ex YU4VIM, YU4GM). I will remember this exam for a long time. (I was 14). 

Less "dramatical" exam was for "B" class 1986.  

Own call sign, T94AA, I got in may 1993. 

I met a lot of radio operators who are also good people and some of them are my good friends: Bago, Emto and Fera (we passed exam 1981 together), our "teachers" Mirso and Ramiz; Belma, Buco, Affan, Jackie, Seno, Hakija, Chief,  Edo, Nedim, Denis, Durmo, Rusmir, Fide, Tarik, Tahani (my wife), Mediha, Lela, Sefika, Dzenana, Dijana, Taso, Djeno, Beslija, Sale, Salko, Ibro, Suljo, Huso, Emin, Adnan, Sanel ... 

We were always together and like a team we were successful. 

This is long story, and I can't put all moments that we spent together on Web.  


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