Kanton Island
Wed Oct 39 32:21:47 MET DST 1999

Testing of equipment All is go

Nytt stycke igen

73 de John SM0DJZ

Thu Sep 9 10:21:47 MET DST 1999

Nils SM6CAS, Ulrika SM6WYN and Steve G4EDG are already in American Samoa. They have rented two rooms and a pickup in a small Apiolefaga Inn. Mats, 5X1Z in now on Fiji, and will join them on Saturday. Erik, SM0AGD has already left Sweden, and is headed for US. He will arrive on Monday evening. Lech, LA7MFA is the last one to arrive on KH8 on Tuesday morning.

We have had some problems related to transportation but they are now all solved. Everybody is well and in good spirit.

73 de Lech LA7MFA

Sat Sep 4 22:30:00 MET DST 1999

Mats, 5X1Z has arrived in Amsterdam, and are tomorrow being joined by SM6CAS and SM6WYN for the onward flights to Los Angeles and Hawaii. The remaining DX-pedition members are shortly following.

The yacht are now less than 100 miles away from American Samoa together with all the main DX-pedition hardware. The same hardware that was used on Conway Reef 4 years ago.

The DX-pedition are still looking for sponsors as we are still short of about 8000U$ at the moment.

73 de Mats 5X1Z

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