Minutes from January 17, 2015


KE0AOO called meeting to order 10:30

Public Service no new business

Treasury:  NØJDP reported current bank balance

Technical: Butternut Vertical needs a ground wire connected and final turning.

K0AJW Activity

Was brought up to deal with the old QSL cards, discussion, tabled.

Purchase stamps for the club for the purpose mailing business. Motion to purchase a roll of stamps

For  $48.00. Motion Passed

N7IV is still working on getting the club registered with the ARRL’s log book of the world

Bismarck Hamfest is Saturday Febuary 28th 2015

The Christmas party Friday night at the K of C was a big success thank you all for showing up.

Bell Tower is in place.

Agreement for Ward County / SRT / SVARC is in place.

Winter Field Day January 24th and 25th 2014 not doing because of lack of interest.

CQ Contests (When Available) Coming up will be up on the WebSite.

Training for the Technical License open for public in February, 2015, questions contact N7IV 

CW Training after Tech Training.

Meeting Adjourned