Minutes from May 16, 2015


15 members present - KE0AOO, AB0KZ, N0GC,N0RYG, W0HVA,N0JDP,KD0DXT, W0TUP, K0QQ, AB0ZB,KA0DQX, KC0ISW,K0MDF,N0PBK,SVARC teck Robert Kitsch

The minutes of the April meeting were read by President, KE0AOO

A motion was made & seconded to accept the minuts as read.

Treasurer report by Kirk, N0JDP.

Report about status of Red Cross building by Rich, W0HVA - NOT moving

146.27/146.87 repeater is operational - The RX was checked with a service monitor are was excellent - antenna work still needed in the future

The club trailer cleaning that was skeduled for today is postponed till 30 May, 2015 because of the weather

SVARC tech Robert reported on the new Yaesu repeaters. The are not serving our needs very well. The front ends are poor & they do not interface with our controllers. Rich, W0HVA made a motion to have Kirk, N0JDP contact Yaesu about our disatisfaction with the new repeaters. The best would be to return them for credit. The motion was seconded and passed.

ARES/RACES report by Rich, W0HVA - no activity

Kirk, N0JDP asked for authorization to bid on a Techtronix mainframe to make a spectrum anylyzer with modules that we have on hand. A motion was made by Rich, W0HVA to authorize $200 to bid on one at E-Bay that is presently at $65. The motion passed.

Field Day Plans - SVARC insurance app is being processed. Move in on Friday before FD. Hang 80/40 dopoles from the tower on the trailer. Minot City has approved our use of the same site as last year. Mowing will be done by Dan, N0PBK

The meeting adjourned at 10:42. These minutes prepared by SVARC Sec. N0GC