Club Officers effective January 1, 2016
President :
Richard Wengel WHVA          
  Richard Wengel WHVA      
V- President :
Doug Shearer W7MEX            
 Gerald Cushing NGC           
Treasurer :
Kirk Borud  NJDP                 
 RACES Coordinator:
Richard Wengel  WHVA     

Club Technician:
Robert Kitsch                          
Web Master:
Bill Lilliquist NCKB             


as of 25 March, 2016

Bev Cushing  KBSTM Bernard Arcand WDGMD Gary Schroder  ABZB
John Kinkade  ABKZ Arlon Nelson  WTUP Carlyle Roth  KADQX
Mike House   KBSNE Greg Swenson KCVEQ Jeff Kinkade  KCISW
John Tronset  KDZAW Art Ekblad  KQQ Jim Fraley KFIL
Gerald Cushing  NGC Dean Reiter  KCBSP Joe Ferrara   N7IV
Barry Davis  NRYG Faye Nelson  KTUP Lynn Nelson  WND
Richard Wengel  WHVA Doug Shearer W7MEX Henry Leupp KAMT
Kirk Borud  NJDP Deb Nelson  WDEB Mary Leupp WSEW
Don Andrews  KCWCJ Keith Reimche  KCAGO Bruce Christianson WPGM
Sherie Reimche KCDTR Bill Lilliquist  NCKB Fred Brooks WFOB
Darel Harrington KMDF Millo Wallace KEAOO Vernon Allen WDFQR
Brad Gilbertson KEGNQ Hunter Johnson KEDUX
Dan  Roberts KK3MM  







Club Meetings: Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Hardee's SOUTH Broadway. Breakfast first in the back room from 9am to 10am for meeting following in the same room. TESTING:  If you need to test they usually follow after the meeting, but at least one week before the meeting you need to check with a club officer or any club member so arrangements can be made for the testing.

   Coffee Get Together:  There is a coffee together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am located at Hardee's South Broadway (US 83).


Breakfast Get Together:  Every Saturday at around 9am until 10am there is a breakfast get  together at Hardee's South Broadway (Hwy 83). Then a meeting on the 3rd Saturday will follow.