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Amateur radio in popular culture

A warning sign - be careful up there! A fun story about careless climbing on ham towers...

..and another, not funny at all, warning sign, seen on a label on most US made antennas...

Stop blaming each other and enjoy the hobby! Nobody's perfect! Here, some of the notorious bloopers, signed by their starring hams! Thank you all for sharing those.

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The best greek ham forum - Το καλύτερο ραδιοερασιτεχνικό φόρουμ (Radio - TV dx interest)

Earthquakes in our neighborhood (mediterranean sea)

My other hobby is music. Here is the relevant webpage (in Greek)

email info

My QSL info:


John Makris

107, Ierolohiton Str.

71305 Iraklion, Crete























Latest update: April 1st, 2010 - new 5-9 report.


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A page to start every time you turn on your shack computer.

Hello and welcome to my Radio amateur links page.

This page is my attempt to design and implement a start point in the internet with info valuable to all amateurs. Most ham-wise important websites are gathered here, and when you click a link, a new window always pops up to that website.


a few headlines follow:

I got Paul N0NBH's licence (thanks Paul!!!) to translate his "table for solar data panel" (black panel on the left side) to Greek. Here is the link to it!


O Paul NONBH μου εδωσε την αδεια να επαναδημοσιευσω τον πινακα απο το site του με τις ερμηνειες των μεγεθών στον αντίστοιχο πινακα που βλέπετε στα δεξιά (μαυρο πινακάκι). Πατήστε εδώ για εμφάνιση (ανοιγμα νεου παραθύρου)


Do your QRP operations on 14285 suffer QRM from SV stations? Tell them to QSY to the official GreekNet frequency, 14340! est. 1969 by RAAG ! (EER)

Pse mail their callsigns with a relevant report (time, date, offensive language)

to "raag-hq .--.-." with message title

"Deliberate QRM on QRP calling frequency 14.285 by SV#XXX - complaint"

(where SV#XXX pse enter actual callsign)

pse, do this only if you have their SV callsign to report, and keep the complaints honest - do not complain if they agree to QSY!

We together can stop this mess on QRP calling frequency!

Rebuild of my 3cm (10.368 GHz) equipment is underway. Initial tests were very encouraging - stable and powerful. Now, I am searching for a coaxial relay able to switch 2W on 10 GHz to use as a TX-RX switch!

I am getting more fun out of it that I ever hoped for!

I got a new Alinco DJ-G7 for use as a signal source for my 10GHz transverter.

SV9 land has a repeater (RS-11) out@ 1298.275, -28MHz, and QSO's are frequent up there.

Solarcycle 24 is emerging - 10m are open on daytime (sometimes until 21.00 Z )

Current QSO's over Europe on 10m.

Tony's 10m band report

As greyline shifts towards northern hemisphere, the ionospheric clouds step slowly to higher latitudes on their way to Europe. Peak is on June 23rd, but solar activity expanding along with cycle24 rise slope will probably lengthen the Sporadic-E and TEP period until... December and probably on! Stay tuned.

Sunspots info available on

Το forum του Ραδιοερασιτεχνικά νέα, συζητήσεις, και βήμα ερωτήσεων για ο'τι θα θέλατε να μάθετε γύρω απο τον ραδιοερασιτεχνισμο..

Latest ICOM all mode - all band DC to daylight tranceiver IC9100 announced as of 23rd of August, 2009, in Japan.Prerelease Brochure available here. Noone has still laid their hands on the actual rig for review, afaik.

Yet, Alinco presented the DX-SR8 T-E HF rig. It is a simple, basic, yet cheap as bread HF transceiver for entry-level HF experiences on a minimal cost. Shame it hasn't got the 6m band covered...

More info at Alinco website.


IC-706 ceased production after being produced for considerable fraction of a century! (near 1/6th)!

Almost the same fate for flagship V-U-S Icom's rig, IC-910. The replacement rig IC-9100 has the same features, includes HF and IF DSP, but it hasn't been into production yet.

About me

My home city is Iraklion (but could be found spelled "Heraklion" as well), In the island of Crete, SV9 land, southern (and hotter) part of Greece.

My HF Antenna is usually either my 135ft (41,5m) OCF dipole

(some sort of evolution of Windom Antenna)
accompanied by my trusty, hand - made, Antenna tuner,
Or my 20m band dipole antenna (I like to check and compare).

For VHF, I use a twin antenna stacked array,

8 element log periodics 2m.

I have no antenna yet for 6 meters or 4 meters,

so if you heard me shouting there I must have had the antenna and transmitter pushed up to their limits.....

my OCF side lobes are heading to Western Europe, Patagonia, Australia and Russia on 20 meters and 40 meters band.

I also do some satellite work from time to time, for which I use the SV9ABL's Log Periodic V-U ham bands design, not that bad at all.

My rigs are

a cute Icom 706MKIIG,

an old but trusty Yaesu FT-480R VHF all mode,

a Yaesu FT-90 V-U FM mobile for repeater work,

a Kenwood TH225 HT

a 10m "President Lincoln" or Uniden TRX

Several VHF PMR's (the Taxi type)

two of which are set-up as a repeater.

I am looking at making a 70MHz transverter and scanning the internet for schematics, as the band was given to Hams here in SV-land on a secondary experimental - temporary basis (50KHz, 70.200 - 70.250).

I usually am into 2 meter Es openings, whenever they happen, directing my antennas at Europe.

Active on 2m simplex ragchewing when Es is non-existent.

Active on 6 meters when I can hear you

Active on 10 meters on sunspot high

Active on 20 meters on special events

Active on 40 and 80 meters, really late at some nights

Active on satellites when propagation is below zero and boredom peaks high.

Got in QSO with me? My QSL is good for these awards:


Grid Loc= KM25nh


CQ zone=20

ITU zone = 28.