Weather and Fax Software

MeteoWare, meteorological freeware
Freeware Synop Decoder in multilanguage format.

Weather demodulator software, cards and antennas.

Satellite weather decoding software, designed for those weather monitors who use their ICOM R7000, ICOM R7100 or AOR 3000A.

Program to demodulate NOAA, Okean, Meteor 3-5 and Resurs signals without the bent verticals resulting from WXSat.

Program to receive weather reports and navigational warnings transmitted on longwave and shortwave bands in RTTY and NAVTEX modes. None additional hardware is required - your need only receiver and computer with a sound card.

SSTV FAX WX Software
A very clomplete ham radio software collection for SSTV, FAX, and WX.

SWIFT WX Version 2.0 combines a powerful GIS mapping engine with real-time weather maps and storm tracking data making it the most comprehensive storm tracking application available.

Weather Fax and Weather Satellites
Weather Fax for Windows hardware and Software.

Weather Net
Complete weather reports from USA Puerto Rico US Virgin Islands and Guam/Marianas.

WeFax 99
weather facsimile software for Kantronics TNCs.

WXSat for Windows 3.1/95/NT, decodes the signals in the APT format from NOAA, Meteor, Okean, Resurs, Meteosat and GOES Satellites (AM) with a Soundcard. WXSat can decode also FM-Fax for decoding facsimile-signals transmitting via shortwave.