RF Source is specialized in designing and developing transceiver applications.

Transmitter - Receiver - Transceiver - bug for bands: mf, hf, vhf, uhf, shf and for SSB (LSB - USB), FM, WFM or AM modulations.
Oscillator - pll controlled either by dip switches either by microcontroller's.
Linear amplifier, rf linear power amplifier with MOS-FET or transistor (BJT) for all band's and modulation. Distributed as a device or as a module
Filters, cavity band pass filters for VHF and UHF frequencies.
Lab Instrument spectrum analyzer, sweep generator, SWR meter.
Microcontroller, custom application for circuit control, PLC , automation, displaying results (LCD), establish serial interfaces RS-232 / RS-485, A/D and D/A applications, digital keyboard, DDS applications.
C Compiler, exclusive distributor of infotech CodeVision C compiler for atmel AVR's. CodeVision is a C compiler to convert C code to atmel hex files.
Development kit, for microcontroller (Atmel's AVR 8-bit Risk - stk500), for GSM application (Conexant GSM development module) for GPS application (Conexant GPS development module).
Component, smt technology component resistors, capacitor, regulator etc.
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