1. Posted Jan 20, 2001
    Last year the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend took place from 0001 UTC on Saturday 21st August until 2359 UTC on Sunday 22nd August 1999, when 218 amateur radio stations were established at lighthouses and lightships in 39 countries. This year the period of the event is from 0001 UTC on Saturday 18 August until 2359 UTC on Sunday 19 August 2001.

    The event is NOT a contest, each station decides how they will operate their station regards modes and bands. Participants are not committed to being on the air during the entire period - only as much as they can. There is no restrictions on aerials or power. We wish operators to enjoy themselves and have fun whilst making contact with as many amateur radio stations as possible. Some operators say fun - 5,000 contacts - OK, but we request that stations take some time to work the slow operator, the newly licensed and QRP stations. As available space in many lighthouses is filled to capacity, our activity does not have to take place inside the tower itself. Field day type set-up at the light or other building next to the light is OK. Permission MUST be obtained from any interested parties.

    The event is used to obtain maximum exposure for our hobby. We invite the press and, QTH permitting, also the public and try to underline the obvious parallel between the international aspect in lighthouses, lightships and amateur radio. We might catch a future radio amateur while creating goodwill for the hobby.

    We use the event segment of the 5 'Classic' bands with a centre frequency if conditions are bad, at least we have one place we can (try to) meet. We request that the centre frequencies are not used as primary frequencies but as a last point of call to other participating stations.

    80m: 3.510 - 3.540 kHz (Centre = 3.521 +/-)
    40m: 7.005 - 7.035 (Centre = 7.021 +/-)
    20m: 14.010 - 14.040 (Centre = 14.021 +/-)
    15m: 21.010 - 21.040 (Centre = 21.021 +/-)
    10m: 28.010 - 28.040 (Centre = 28.021 +/-)

    80m: 3.650 - 3.750 kHz (Centre = 3.721 +/-)
    40m: 7.040 - 7.100 (Centre = 7.051 +/-)
    20m: 14.125 - 14.275 (Centre = 14.221 +/-)
    15m: 21.150 - 21.250 (Centre = 21.221 +/-)
    10m: 28.300 - 28.400 (Centre = 28.351 +/-)

    Because it is NOT a contest you can operate on any authorised QRGs as per your licence.

    To assist other stations we request that participating stations add 'LIGHT' , 'LGT' , 'LIGHTHOUSE' or 'LIGHTSHIP' after their call. UK stations normally obtain a GB callsign with the letter L in the suffix to assist other stations identifying them as a participating station in the event.

    So come and join us in the fun of the weekend, establish a station at a lighthouse, lightship or maritime beacon. The more the merrier. If you decide to join us in the fun could you let me know the callsign you will use, QTH and QSL information. This will enable me to notify other stations and the media of your participation.

    73s Mike GM4SUC

    e-mail: gm4suc@compuserve.com