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We offer a variety of Greek Phone Cards open or closed. Because our quality control standards are high, we select only the highest caliber of used Greek Phone Cards. Our goal is always to deliver Greek Phone Cards . Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.  Below is a short list of the products we feature.

For a limited time and available only to our Internet Customers, we are offing with a special discount some pre-selected package of USED Greek Phone Cards. This offer is only on open cards (ask for closed) and there are all in excellent quality and conditions.  Below is a short list of the special offer products we feature .
10 Greek Phone Cards
10 $US or 10 €
25 Greek Phone Cards
20 $US or 20 €
40 Greek Phone Cards
30 $US or 30 €
70 Greek Phone Cards
50 $US or 50 €
100 Greek Phone Cards
70 $US or 70 €
All of the items listed above are different used open cards (OTE), currently available and can be shipped by post mail to your location. The price is final and included the standard shipping charges applied. 
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