Links to favorite web sites

Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator according to FCC rules, by Paul Evans, VP9KF.
Web site of the Greek APRS network (mainly in greek) by Tasos Zachariou, SV1RD.
Kiel Longwave Monitor by DF3LP.
The Utility DX Forum web site contains lots of information and links for utility (non-broadcast) radio below 30 MHz.
The Radio waves below 22 kHz web site by Renato Romero, IK1QFK, Exploring ULF-ELF and VLF radio band.
SAQrx VLF Receiver using a PC soundcard, by Johan SM6LKM. I was able to receive SAQ with excellent signals using this DSP program and a modified BBB-4 front end.
The blog of Constantine "Din" Psilogiannes, SV1DB, with important historical facts about amateur radio in Greece (1968-1974).

On-line logs, starting July 2012


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