SV1GRB - Hellenic Amateur Radio Station - CQ ZONE:20 - ITU ZONE:28 - LOCATOR: KM18VA

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LightHouse ARKITSA

18&19 January 2003



J41LHA Team


(sv1gge, sv1grb, sv1fyz)

QSL via sv1grb


 This Lighthouse was built in 1906 and it's height is 15 meters. You can reach the Lighthouse by a dusty road from Arkitsa's port (look at the map below).

The Lighthouse's international number is 5670.


Our equipment:




QSL's received


Undelivered QSL cards


Qsl card


Lighthouse Arkitsa day 1


Lighthouse Arkitsa day 2


Log and statistics in text format


You can also search the on-line log:


Other Lighthouse activities in Greece (sv2ael's web site)