Below are places I have visited and activate.



SV1CDY/3 (Peloponnese, Laconia, Elaia)

I was active on HF at July and August of 2002.This year I start my vacations from here. First time of my life I visit the Prefecture of Laconia. The capital of Laconia is the municipality of Sparta.  I leave in a small village Elaia of Molai municipality, in Laconia gulf.  It was fantastic! I meet a very nice and famous place like Gytheio Caves of Diros Monemvassia and of course the island of Elafonissos.

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Images from Gytheio

Images from Cave of Dyros

Map of Laconia


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SV1CDY/5 (Dodecanese, Kos isl.)

I was active only on VHF at August of 1998 and September of 2000.

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You can watch my photos on panoramio by clicking here.

Some photos of Kos island are here.


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SV1CDY/8 (North Attica, Aegina isl.)

Since summer of 2004 often I'm active from this island, especially the weekends.


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Some photos of my antennas on Aegina island are here with one cat and my bike to.

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