2017 Virginia QSO Party

Updated: 20 March 2017

The Virginia QSO Party is held during the 3rd full weekend in March.

The 2017 Virginia QSO Party was held during the weekend of 18-19 March 2017.

Logs Received.  This is a list of received logs.  This will be updated about once a day.  Logs should be emailed to vqp@verizon.net.

The draft results will be posted to our website for your review shortly after 15 April 2017. The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, 4 June 2017 at the Manassas Hamfest. The final results posted to our website shortly thereafter.

Post-Party Comments and Soapbox: 
We will post comments and soapbox slowly.  A few significant comments will be posted first,  followed by all soapbox in a few weeks. 

Tidbits:  Miscellanous topics and emails pertaining to the VQP.  This includes things such as hints in filling out logs and mobile itineraries.

VQP Briefing: (PDF format ~10 MB ) A presentation suitable for club meetings on the Virginia QSO Party. Includes rules, Party statistics, descriptions of certificates.  This will be updated aperiodically to reflect new or changed information. Last updated on 29 January 2017 12 November 2016.

Plaques and Sponsors:  We anticipate having 27 plaques this year, unchanged from last year.  We have sponsors for all plaques again this year;  thanks to all the supporters of the VQP.  Updated on 3 February 2017 30 January 17 29 January 2017.

    Andy Zwirko K1RA, volunteered to sponsor the plaque (High Virginia Multiple Operator Single Transmitter Station) that became available this year.  If you see Andy, please thank him. 

Certificate:  We have an idea.  We are soliciting ideas for the theme of the 2017 certificate.  For the past few years we have been highlighting radio in Virginia. We do this through two pictures and a few words positioned on the left and right boarders just below the certificate title.  For example see the
certificate from 2016.  If you have an idea, please send an email to vqp@verizon.net.

VQP Contest Rules: ( html format,   MSWord format,   PDF format

Two rule changes were adopted for the 2017 Virginia QSO party.
  1.  There will be no bonus stations for 2017.  Last year we had several bonus stations.  We were unsure if there was any impact on the participation in the party.  This year we will try zero bonus stations.
  2.  We implemented a new rule stating "Logs with a significant number of QSOs with the same station will be categorized as check logs."  See Tidbits for additional explanation of this rule.

In addition, we ask that if you are operating as a remote ham radio, you so indicate in the remarks section of your log submittal. 

Cabrillo Files Format:  Electronic submissions  in the attached Cabrillo file format are requested.  Cabrillo files from any logging program are accepted.  (PDF  or HTML)

Contest Logging Programs.  Logging programs designed for the Virginia QSO Party always help. We accept any logs, but logs submitted electronically and compliant with any cabrillo format are preferred. The following logging programs have been used in the past and they have been modified to support the Virginia QSO Party.  We re-score all logs submitted, so it is important to ensure your log contains all the required information.
    * N1MM Logger http://www.n1mm.com.
    * Scott & Kimberly, N3FJP & KA3SEQ Amateur Contact Log  http://www.n3fjp.com/.
    * WriteLog http://www.writelog.com/. 

Virginia Counties and Independent Cities: 95 counties and 38 independent cities (html format or MS Document or PDF format).
Paper Log Summary Sheets: (.pdf or .doc) Updated for 2017. Used to record header information for paper logs. This form is not required for cabrillo formatted electronic logs.

Worked All Virginia Award:  The "Worked All Virginia" award is offered by the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club.  See their web site for additional information.

Presentation Offer and Schedule: SPARC will give a presentation on the Virginia QSO Party to any group in Virginia. 

Planning Calendar: The calendar is available for review.

Comments, questions, and recommendations should be emailed to vqp@verizon.net.

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