1010 Chapters Screen Saver

There are 2 versions of this NEW,screensaver. One is 1.36 megs and the other is the full 3.84 megs. I made two versions in case some can not download large files. the difference is the small version does not have all the
chapters included and the settings cannot be changed.
These screensavers are .EXE files. After you download them,
by clicking on the button below,save them somewhere on your
computer where you can find them.

Once downloaded and saved,just double click on the file to automatically
install it. The full version can be tailored to your needs,the small
version can not.
These screensavers work on Windows 95,and 98 and I see no reason they
wouldnt work on any other version of windows...
Anyway,its FREE,so try it,you might like it!

small10xsaver SMALL VERSION


Any problems or questions? Just E-Mail me.

NOW,some people to THANK...
These people went out of their way to scan these chapter certificates
in and send them to me... One in particular,isn't even a "paper chaser"...
Chuck, I bow to your greatness... (chuck sent me 6 ZIPPED megs!)
Also special thanks to the following,ALL who made this screensaver possible.
Rus(didnt forget this time!) David,1010,and the multitudes who make up this
fine,outstanding organization.If I missed someone,SORRY,but just
include yourself.

You are the th person to grab this incentive...

Please,I,N9UKX,ukii,wrote all this crap,without ke9wz's permission.
He only knew about the screensaver stuff,not the election stuff.
Its ALL MY FAULT. me,the Webslave.......ukii

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Any comments are not welcome,unless they are in agreement with the master.