From the BCRC newsletter

Marion Telling VE3BFI
A noted local educator, Marion Telling VE3BFI passed away recently at the age of 80 years
young. Marion was the web master for the Sun Parlour Retirees Amateur Radio Club and
had become quite the HTML aficionado over the years even joining the International
Webmasters Association.
A school teacher, Marion and her late husband Ron were long time members of the Sun
Parlour Amateur Radio Club in Leamington when I first met them back in the 1980s. Many
SPARC meetings were held with tales from the class room being told which kept the
meetings interesting.
In recent years, Marion would take up winter residence in Mexico. I would enjoy reading
her latest missives about how hot it was in Mexico while we back here in Canada were up
to our arm pits in snow and freezing temps.
In recent months I noticed that e-mails sent to her address were coming back as
undeliverable which now make sense. Marion had been residing in recent times at the
Malden Park long-term care facility until her death last week