Ah yes, as the story goes, way back in 1919 came the birth of Cameron William Burrows. Like most young boys he was very inquisitive, especially when it came to electronics and when a radio was in sight, well now, nothing else was really very important. At the early age of 13 he built his first crystal set. From there on it was upwards and onwards.

Back in 1939 he talked two other guys in Chatham to join the military with him. You can just hear it now, "Ah come on, what's the matter with ya, a little chicken are we ?" Well, it wasn't much later down the page that they were in sunny England. You probably guessed it, in the Army Signal Corps, First Canadian Division was the station of choice. He finds himself working out of a red school house at Hammersmith in Eisenhower's H.Q..

Not far from there is where he met Phyllis, the love of his life, working at Harrods in London. They stayed in sunny England for two years until he was invited, hi hi, to join the first invasion of Sicily. That little jaunt got him his first class trip back home.

As the story goes, on his eighth day of basking in the sun, Cam and a couple of buddies stand up to get a closer look at the beautiful Spitfires flying over when all too late they realize it's those damned messerschmidts. While Cam's diving down for the hole, he catches a piece of shrapnel in the right leg. He always told Phyllis, "don't worry about me, we signal guys are always behind the lines." Well he really got behind the lines this time, in North Africa for a few months before getting shipped off home to lovely Canada.

Phyllis followed with their daughter in a troop ship a year later. They stayed with Cam's parents for a year or so until they had enough set aside for their first house. That's where he built his first transmitter. If you were a neighbor, you'd have thought you were charmed, cause whenever he'd tune up, your porch lights would go on. He's been retired now for eighteen years from Customs and Excise. If you've ever been to his basement radio shack in south Windsor, you've seen the tremendous array of plaques and trophies for DX contacts, first contact of a new country, etc. etc.. The respected achievements in the field of amateur radio contacts around the world are tremendous. Even personally operating at Radio Peking in Beijing on their equipment. Quite an achievement wouldn't you say.

Cam and Phyllis have a boy and a girl, eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Speaking of grandchildren, have you ever heard the heavy metal band called The Tea Party? Well, that's Jeff and Company, one of the favorite grandchildren. You see, Cam played percussion's when he was a kid and had to pass it on to somebody.

Well there you have it, one of the best known, most accomplished, most traveled Morse code Amateur Radio operators in North America. Well done sir, and keep 'em clickin'.


Cam Burrows

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