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Sun Parlour Retirees Amateur Radio Club
30 Tuscarora Street
Windsor, ON N9A 6Y6







Satern IRLP net Reflector 9032 Monday's @ 9:00 local VE3III 147.060 (118.8 PL)


ARES (Windsor / Essex District) - - - -Sun and Thursday at 8:00pm VE3III 147.060 (118.8 pl)

Chatham Kent Amateur Radio Club, Chatham - - - Wednesday 9:00pm VE3KCR 147.120 (100.0 pl)

Sun Parlour Amateur Radio Club, Leamington Tuesday 9:00pm VE3TOM 147.300 (118.8)

Border Cities Radio Club, Windsor 2 meter - - - Sunday 8:00pm VE3WHT 146.880 (118.8 pl)

BCRC 6 meter Meter Sunday Night Net - - - Sunday 7:30pm VE3SMR 53.030

Canwarn April 1 to September 30 (Severe weather) V

Held on VE3III

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Now S.A.T.E.R.N Affiliated


We are a ham radio club, open to all licensed amateurs who wish to join. Membership includes a monthly meeting, full access to the club repeater (VE3III) at 147.060+(pl-118.8) Membership forms can be accessed below and must be sent with payment (cheque or moneyorder) to SPRARC.

sprarc membership form.pdf


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Dedicated to the memory of Marion Telling, VE3BFI APRIL 2010